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Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Columbia Games launches Combat Infantry: World War 2 Tactical Block Game


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Columbia Games launches Combat Infantry: World War 2 Tactical Block Game

Well here is a change of pace from Columbia Games. A tactical block game. I would think that the fog of war provided by the block system should work well.

From the project page –

Columbia Games has published great games for more than 40 years, including four Kickstarter projects: Napoleon, Bobby Lee, Victory in Europe, and The Last Spike. Please support our new game, Combat Infantry. This fast-paced tactical game handles WWII squad level with a 12 page rulebook and, of course, our famous wood blocks… a battalion of blocks.

There have been many squad level games published over the past 40 years, but Combat Infantry is really different. The rules are just 12 pages long, but you will find their depth of play remarkable. This is partly due to two simple game mechanics.

First, our signature hardwood blocks give you fog-of-war with no muss or fuss. Because of smoke, cover, and a compelling need to “keep your head down”, fog-of-war is essential to simulate WWII tactical combat. No squad level game can claim to be realistic without it.


Second, leadership rules that reward players who maintain unit integrity – squads belong to specific platoons, and platoons belong to specific companies, each with their own commanders.



Go have a look at this awesome looking project HERE

Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – War of the Nine Realms is live!

Realms 1

Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – War of the Nine Realms is live!

For a while, I thought that Vikings were the new Zombies in board games on kickstarter. It seems to have died down somewhat, which is a good thing for Wotan Games who have come along with a down and dirty skirmish game called War of the 9 Realms.

This game, like others, has the Viking Gods fighting it out.

From the project page –

The Mighty Clash of the Norse Realms, meeting in a final epic fight for total supremacy of all the Nine Realms.

A modular tile based skirmish game steeped in Norse Mythology, where the Realms pit their finest against each other in a bid to claim total victory. Each realm is comprised of unique characters from Norse lore with wondrous abilities, and a choice of Heroic or Epic play styles which allow you to choose between raw power, or tactical advantage, as you immerse yourself into a battle of fabled proportion.

Realms 2
The different sides of the Realm cards give you two unique sets of Characters to compete with.  The Heroic version is more straight forward in the abilities but harder hitting, the Epic version adds lots of additional abilities and lore based content.  Both are balanced to be able to compete Heroic Realm against Heroic Realm or Heroic versus Epic.
Realms 3
Ok friends, if you dig Vikings and God Level combat in a skirmish game that looks flexible enough to give you lots of replay value, have a look at this project here as it just may be what you are looking for.

Boardgames in Blighty News -Press Release – Espana 20 now available from Victory Point Games


Boardgames in Blighty News -Press Release Espana 20 now available from Victory Point Games

It’s been a while so I’m very happy to see victory Point Games getting back into their War Game saddle.


Rudi Garcia’s Talavera 20 recreates the major battle which occurred near the city of Talavera de la Reina on 27 to 28 July 1809. One player commands the French army under Napoleon’s brother, Joseph, the self-proclaimed King of Spain, and the other commands the combined allied armies of Great Britain (under Sir Arthur Wellesley) and Spain (under Captain-General Gregorio de la Cuesta). After his attempt to liberate Madrid from the French was repulsed, Cuesta’s army fell back to Talavera, which was covered by the British. Starting with a daring night attack, Joseph repeatedly attempted to push the allies out of their superb defensive positions, to no avail. As the French, can you find and exploit a weak spot in the allied lines? As the allies, can you hold your shaky alliance together and fend off the French (all the while keeping a nervous eye out for a second French army that might unexpectedly show up behind your armies)?

n20-espana20-vol2_samplecardt-1           n20-talavera_counters-1  n20-talevera_map-1
Bussaco 20: Second Edition, from designer Lance McMillan, features the battle occurring on 26 September 1810, during the early stages of the French invasion of Portugal. One player commands the French army of Marshal André Masséna, while the other controls Sir Arthur Wellesley, Viscount of Wellington’s combined British and reconstituted Portuguese army. Historically, a distracted Masséna launched a series of uncoordinated frontal assaults straight up a steep ridge into the teeth of the British defenses, suffering heavy losses before Wellington elected to disengage and fall back to Lisbon. Can you as Masséna avoid the same mistakes, or as Wellington can you use your superior position to achieve a decisive victory?

n20-espana20-vol2_samplecard-2  n20-bussaco_counters-1n20-bussaco_map-1

Click here for all the details on España 20: Volume 2.

Boardgames in Blighty News – The Chosin Few – Victory Point Games PRESS RELEASE


Boardgames in Blighty News – The Chosin Few – Victory Point Games PRESS RELEASE

This one looks like a goody for all you war gamers out there. 🙂

On October 25, 1950, with General Douglas MacArthur’s United Nations forces closing in on what would have otherwise been a quick victorious end to the Korean War, Communist Chinese forces began pouring across the border. In northeastern Korea, the US X Corps, led by Major General Ned Almond, was strung out with its units unable to support each other. Those units near the Chosin (Changjin) Reservoir included the 1st Marine Division and elements of the 7th Infantry Division.

You lose the game if you are unable to achieve the third Order Objective, or if one or more of your Units is completely destroyed; you win the game if you are able to successfully complete all the Order Objectives.

Click here for all the details on The Chosin Few.

Boardgame in Blighty News -Empires in America, Edition 2 – Victory Point Games Press Release

Empires cover

Boardgames in Blighty News -Empires in America, Edition 2 – Victory Point Games Press Release

The Little Game Company That Could would like to announce that the following title is now available for pre-order:
Empires in America, Edition 2! 

Created by veteran designer Joe MirandaEmpires in America is a solitaire States of SiegeTM game of the conflict in North America between the French and British in the mid-18th century. This war, known locally as The French and Indian War, became embroiled in Europe’s Seven Years’ War (1756-63), which caused that conflict to expand into a true World War. The French and Indian War saw small armies (with Indian allies joining them, particularly on the French side) march through vast wildernesses to fight battles which decided America’s fate. This war was a prelude to the American Revolution that broke out two decades later.
Empires map
In Empires in America you control the French (and Indian) forces and the game system controls the British (and their Indian allies).

Now in an upgraded boxed edition, which includes the first edition content along with the expansion kit!

Click here for all the details on Empires in America, Edition 2.
 Empires counters
 I have a copy of the 1st edition and its ace so I am sure this version will rock!

Boardgames in Blighty – I Vlog about Victory Point Games


Boardgames in Blighty – I Vlog about Victory Point Games

You will have noticed if you’ve been following me for a while that I am a fan of Victory Point Games. So I decided to do a Vlog telling you why I am a fan.


Feel free to post a note about you favourite games by this awesome publisher.


VPG press release – Franco-Pru​ssian War 40 released!

VPG press release – Franco-Prussian War 40 released!

August 1870 – March 1871

“Everything in war is very simple, but the simplest thing is difficult.” – Carl von Clausewitz

New from the father of VPG’s Napoleonic 20 series, renowned game designer Joseph Miranda, the von Clausewitz series brings you the great campaigns of what historians call “The Long 19th Century” — that period between the French Revolution and World War 1. The series seeks to faithfully demonstrate how war was thought about and waged during this epoch. It features quick, streamlined gameplay, simple but not simplistic mechanics, card play, and the fog of war.

Unique to the series, and following the theories of Clausewitz himself, players must be aware that many of their actions will build Friction Points — which a wily opponent can then use against them to sabotage their best laid plans. Careful management of reserves and reinforcements, clever card play, and knowing when to throw caution to the wind to strike at an opponent will win the day.

The first game in the von Clausewitz series is Franco-Prussian War 40. Two continental heavyweights duel for supremacy in the conflict that smashed the French Second Empire, triggered the Paris Commune, and birthed the German Reich, with fateful consequences for Europe and the world. Will the war end in the streets of Paris, or Berlin? The fate of Europe hangs in the the balance!

Click here for all the details and to order Franco-Prussian War 40.