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Update #4: Almost there! – New rewards added

Ace of Spies Update #4: Almost there! – New rewards added

We’re so close to our goal we thought it would be a good idea to offer a few more reward levels to help get us the rest of the way. Only a little more and then we can start offering stretch rewards.

Gencon: Have dinner with Albino Dragon at Gencon. You can ask us about game design, publishing, show us your latest game prototype, whatever you want. You’ll receive a copy of a Ace of Spies and Genegrafter with their respective promos when they become available. You’ll also receive a full interview with The Game Whisperer on the Funding the Dream podcast.

Spiel: Have dinner with Albino Dragon, Michael Fox, and Mark Rivera at Spiel in Essen. You can ask us about game design, publishing, show us your latest game prototype, whatever you want. You’ll receive a copy of Ace of Spies and Genegrafter with their respective promos when they become available. You’ll also receive a full interview with The Game Whisperer on the Funding the Dream podcast.

Shadowrun: Visit Austin, Texas to meet with Albino Dragon and play a very special Shadowrun campaign with us hosted by none other than Shadowrun’s Mike Mulvihill, who led Shadowrun game development at FASA Corp. You’ll receive a signed copy of Ace of Spies and Genegrafter. We’ll even dig up some corporate swag for you to take home with you.

Please note: We’re working on a distribution channel for brick and mortar stores but until we’ve worked that out this is your only chance to order any Albino Dragon games at a discount. We will not be offering these through traditional distribution so if you miss this it may be awhile before you can get your hands on them again.
Combo Pack: 3 copies of Ace of Spies AND 3 copies of Genegrafter complete with Kickstarter promos. Shipping to the United States only. Please note that you must be a brick and mortar retailer to take advantage of this. If we find out that you are not, only 2 copies of each will be sent.


UK Games Expo 2012


I had a great time this past weekend at UK Games Expo. It was packed and had lots of interesting new releases and prototypes to have a go at. It was a working weekend with the awesome UKGMN guys but fun nonetheless.

First up, a great big thanks to all those who stopped by to demo Ace of Spies! Our Ace demo-guy Tony did a stellar job running back to back demos on Saturday and Sunday. We are very grateful for the kind and generous comments and support received.

Here is Michael Fox about to do a video demo for Paco Jean of the UKGMN team.

Tony does yet another demo of Ace of Spies!

Ace of Spies on display

I had great fun meeting up with gamers and friends in the industry.

On Friday evening, we played a couple of games of Ace of Spies with one backer and other prospects…

and then we met up with the guys from Quantumm Magic who were at Expo to sell Existenz. They caught us up on their latest plans for Existenz which I consider a great game.

and we played one of my favourite games, Family Business which is a card game where the players control mobs and try to rub out the other gangs. With everybody speaking mobster lingo, it is hilarious!

On Saturday evening we got to play Codinca with David and Leonard of Backspindle Games. I’m convinced that David is a secret disco king as he wore a special BLUE disco shirt as we watched the Eurovision Song contest. Codinca is a fun and interesting abstract puzzle game. Very simple to play, but tricky as you set about trying to be the first player to get all your tile combinations completed. Very enjoyable and I wish the boys of Backspindle Games much success.

After Eurovision, we played a couple of games of the fun and frustrating Geistesblitz, a crazy game of flipping cards with images and grabbing matching pieces. Not as easy as it sounds.

I was very busy looking after the UKGMN team as they did the video demos as well as a number of seminars including the UK premiere of Lorien Green’s excellent Going Cardboard Documentary.

I managed to pick up a number of games as well which I look forward to playing and posting reviews for you all including –

Thanks to distributors Coiled Spring Games

Stefan Feld’s Trajan. Yes, I know, its a Euro Game, but it does look interesting.

I’ve wanted to try out Rory’s Storycubes for ages and the new Adventures version looks good fun


I thought I’d compare this version of Space Mission by Schmidt Spiele to Matt Worden’s original production which I reviewed earlier in this blog. It looks gorgeous.


Thanks to Gen42 Games

The classic game of Hive by John Yianni in a pocket sized edition is a must!

Thanks to AEG

I’ve played Thunderstone a few times and its easily my favourite deck-builder due to its strong theme and I’m keen to compare Thunderstone Advance

I also picked up copies of –

Yep, got the main gameĀ  of Sentinels of the Multiverse and the Rook City expansion for a nice price!


Sunrise City, a very nice game by Clever Mojo Games


Yep, this war gamer is happy with a very nice deal for Napoleon’s War II, The Gates of Moscow.

Eagle GamesDragon Rampage was available for a nice price too.


I had a terrific time gaming and visiting with Michael, Paco, Chris, Karl and Mark from the UKGMN as well as meeting up with Tony Boydell of Surprised Stare Games, John Yianni of Gen42 Games, The Existenz team, Mark from AEG, Roger from Coiled Spring Games, Angus from Fragor Bros., Dave and Leonard from Backspindle Games, Rob from Playtest, the Imagination gaming team… the list goes on and on. Being a board gamer means belonging to a wonderful community (stinking trolls on BGG aside…) and a weekend with my gaming friends at Expo is just loads of fun.

Next year, Expo is moving to a larger venue so that will be great.

Next stop… ESSEN 2012!

Ace of Spies Cover Art released

We are very pleased with the way Ace of Spies is shaping up as we run up to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign on April 20th.


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