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Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Moveable Type: The Card Game is a bargain on Kickstarter!


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Moveable Type: The Card Game is a bargain on Kickstarter!

Just when you think you’ve seen a lot of the same old on Kickstarter, along comes a nice little surprise. Well here we find Moveable Type: The Card Game which looks like a nice little word game which looks like good social fun. And at 14 Euro for the core pack? A BARGAIN!

Check out the 16-Day project here.

From the project page…

Movable Type a is a pick-and-pass word game for families, friends, and word nuts! Features high interaction and simultaneous play!


Movable Type is a fully card-driven game. Your set will contain the following, packed in a fully illustrated tuckbox.

– 50 letter cards
– 5 round tracking cards
– 10 objective cards with author illustrations
– Full Rules


VPG Press Release – High & Tight released!

VPG Press Release – High & Tight released!

Let’s Play Ball!


It is said that every baseball team will win one-third of its games and lose one-third of its games. Now, step onto the field and find out what it takes to win “that other one-third”!

A favorite pastime has finally found its way into the ballpark of VPG’s Sports Series. High & Tight, from designer Hermann Luttmann, is a simple, two-player game of baseball strategy for two players, utilizing teams to the fullest and going head to head in the field, anywhere from spring training to the intensity of the World Series.

Focus on how to best form your team line-up, and battle inning by inning in an effort to emerge victorious! Think you have what it takes to efficiently manage your players, maximizing their specific talents as well as utilize Strategy cards to subtly increase the odds of scoring and preventing runs? Manage your team’s assets, take advantage of the opportunities, and knock it out of the ballpark on the “field of dreams.” Step up to the plate with High & Tight … And let’s play ball!

Click here for all the details and to order High & Tight.

– Victory Point Games


I am currently looking at that this terrific game. I already had a play through to learn the mechanics and am going to have another soon. This is a co-operative game published by Z-Man Games which pits 2-5 players against various diseases threatening to spread across the world. Each player plays a specific roll such as a medic or a researcher and work together to find cures to stop the diseases from spreading. First impression is terrific. Really looking forward to playing this with friends.

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