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Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News -No Honor Among Thieves is LIVE! and it’s EU friendly


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News -No Honor Among Thieves is LIVE! and it’s EU friendly

The folks at Carpe Omnis Games have launched their new game project, No Honor Among Thieves on Kickstarter.

Yes, I admit it, I do love take that games and as the title suggests, players will certainly get their chance to  stick it to other players, all in good fun of course.

From the project…

No Honor Among Thieves is a competitive/cooperative game for three to five players in which each player assembles a crew of thieves and sets out to see who can steal the most wealth from the rich and powerful of a fantasy city. Working alone is difficult, but working together leaves you open to treachery by your so-called allies–or gives you the chance to betray them, and take it all for yourself. An unspoken code of honor exists among the thieves of this city, but that won’t last past the first betrayal, and once that uneasy trust is gone the game becomes more dangerous as players tap into abilities that they couldn’t use while the thieves’ code of honor was still intact.

I suspect that there will be a lot of growns as well as laughs as you move from early alliances and cooperation to making use of your crew’s abilities to take best advantage and stab your mates in the back.

A card-based game with a fantasy setting, here is a pic of the components –


The price looks competitive for sure as does the EU friendly shipping (British Gamers take note!)


So, please have a look at this project if you like sneaky, “take that” type games here. They’ve already started well and you may just want to jump on board.


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Greenfeet Games launches The Pirate Republic on Kickstarter


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Greenfeet Games launches The Pirate Republic on Kickstarter

Ahoy there! A pirate game based on historical pirates? Aye matey, that’s the ticket! 

I have to say that it is nice to see a pirate game based on the real historical deal. And, it is set at a gateway level so should be a good one for families as well. Its EU friendly for my Brit friends and the price seems pretty fair for what you get. So don’t waste any more time ye lubbers, check out The Pirate Republic HERE!

Press release from Greenfeet Games…

Set Sail With Us On The Spanish Main

United States Special Operations Veteran, Tom Butler, was double dog dared by his children to make his own board game. He comes to Kickstarter to seek funding, and just as important, fulfil his kid’s dare in his new game, The Pirate Republic. Game lovers seeking a cartography engineered game board, Pirates from the historical time period, high seas combat, deck building, dice rolling, and wily saboteurs, will feel right at home in The Pirate Republic.

The Pirate Republic will launch on Kickstarter with the full art and design complete for the base game. The Kickstarter campaign will feature the game at $55 shipping not included for gamers in the US, Canada, and the European Union, as well as Asia and Australia. The game comes with a money-back guarantee to all Kickstarter backers.

About the game:

It is 1713. After a decade of war, a rare peace comes to the Spanish Main but peace has its consequences. With thousands of demobilized sailors, piracy explodes in the West Indies. A small group of pirates (Black Sam, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, & Blackbeard) form themselves into a Flying Gang. They desire fame and fortune and self-governance by building their own republic free from the constraints of kings, queens, and imperialism. Who will prevail? This loose band of outcasts or the European colonial powers?


The Pirate Republic is a semi-cooperative, thematic ad­venture where the sea is your territory, anyone on or near it, your prey. Each player represents an infamous pirate captain working to complete collab­orative and secret mission objectives over four rounds of play to bring an end to European imperialism.

A game of The Pirate Republic has captains working together to explore the New World, engage in sea and land combat, plunder Spanish treasure fleets, and conquer heavily defended colonial territories.

Are you ready to forge the Pirate Republic? Transport yourself to a time of conquest & the lure of riches, indomitable spirit & fat treasure galleons, pirate utopias and watery graves.

Number of players: 2-4 (adding a solo variant, miniature ships, & 5th player are some of the many Kickstarter stretch goals)


Time required: 60 – 115 min

Recommended ages: 14+

Green Feet Games website: https://greenfeetgames.org

Board Game Geek: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/192296/pirate-republic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PyrateRepublic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pyraterepublik


Boardgames in Blighty BEST Boardgames List – What are the BEST board games? Ask a gamer which ONE game will they never sell…


Boardgames in Blighty BEST Boardgames List – What are the BEST board games? Ask a gamer which ONE game will they never sell…

So many games, so little time, storage space or money… 😦 So if you are going to buy games, you want them to be great, right? Who better to ask than an experienced board gamer?

So I posted the following question on Twitter – What ONE game in your collection would you never sell? I mean if you had to choose one to hang onto, which would it be? I got quite a few responses, some maybe surprising, some not. Are these the best games ever made? I will leave that up to you. But there are reasons the owners will NEVER sell them which suggest that they are worth getting. I daresay that this has got to be just as good a best Board Games list is any.

Please feel free to post your ONE never sell game…


memoir Memoir 44 with expansions ( My choice)

TTAGES Through the Ages

Carc Carcassonne

Hanabi Hanabi

Keyflower Keyflower

fieldsofarle Fields of Arle

Dune Dune

Netrunner Android: Netrunner

WHQ Warhammer Quest

Twilight Twilight Struggle

Reef Reef Encounter

Descent Descent (a fully painted copy)

Evo Evo


A&AAxis & Allies: Spring 1942

tzol Tzolk’in

weather Weatherslam (well… the comment was they love the awful art…)

notredameNotre Dame

N HexNeuroshima Hex

Legendary Legendary

Galaxy Galaxy Trucker

LOW Lords of Waterdeep (with expansion)

Dom.jpg Dominant species


Boardgames in Blighty News – Zephyr: Winds of Change is live on Kickstarter


Boardgames in Blighty News – Zephyr: Winds of Change is live on Kickstarter

Airship conflict is clearly growing in popularity and here is a new Kickstarter project from the good folks at Portal Dragon. This time, we have a cooperative adventure game. If I had the cash, I would definitely be checking this one out myself.

From the project page –

Soar above the clouds in an array of airships. Defend innocent outposts from enemy vessels. Skirmish against droves of vicious attackers. Scavenge resources, complete assignments, and earn rewards, to upgrade your craft. Hire crew and join with your allies to achieve victory against overwhelming odds.

Zephyr: Winds of Change is a cooperative modular tabletop adventure for one to four players. Each player takes on the role of an airship captain. As a recent recruit to the band of vigilantes called Zephyr, each player must outfit their own vessel and work together defend the last remaining shred of civilization from malevolent marauders and unrelenting warlords.  

If the base game wasn’t enough, there is a lot in this project for backers to consider in terms of stretch goals and even an Elite Game Crate option so its project that should excite collectors. The stretch goals offer lots of goodies including minis.
The base game seems fairly priced for what you get and get this British backers, only $3 for postage and its EU friendly. Not sure you could ask much more.
You can find this project here.

Boardgames in Blighty News – The Chosin Few – Victory Point Games PRESS RELEASE


Boardgames in Blighty News – The Chosin Few – Victory Point Games PRESS RELEASE

This one looks like a goody for all you war gamers out there. 🙂

On October 25, 1950, with General Douglas MacArthur’s United Nations forces closing in on what would have otherwise been a quick victorious end to the Korean War, Communist Chinese forces began pouring across the border. In northeastern Korea, the US X Corps, led by Major General Ned Almond, was strung out with its units unable to support each other. Those units near the Chosin (Changjin) Reservoir included the 1st Marine Division and elements of the 7th Infantry Division.

You lose the game if you are unable to achieve the third Order Objective, or if one or more of your Units is completely destroyed; you win the game if you are able to successfully complete all the Order Objectives.

Click here for all the details on The Chosin Few.

Boardgames in Blighty News – Overlords of Infamy from Obscure Reference Games is LIVE on Kickstarter


Boardgames in Blighty News – Overlords of Infamy from Obscure Reference Games is LIVE on Kickstarter

I continues to be a busy time over on Kickstarter for sure.  Overlords of Infamy appears to be one of the few exceptions amongst the many many fantasy themed games populating Kickstarter that has caught my interest. If I had the cash I would definitely be tempted. In fact I suspect that fans of Lords of Waterdeep will be very interested to check out this Kickstarter project.

From the Kickstarter page –

Overlords of Infamy is a ridiculously silly medium-weight game of world domination for   (currently) 2-4 Players Ages 8+, and the first project from Obscure Reference Games. Overlords of Infamy has been described as an original take on quest completion, borrowing elements from Lords of Waterdeep and Settlers of Catan, while also blending in its own style. 

Join us on Planet Fred and take on the role of one of the Evil Overlords vying to reign supreme after a campaign of sowing misery throughout the land. Exploit the land around your lair, then command your Lackeys to gather the necessary resources from them to complete your Nefarious Plots in order to spread Misery across the land. Along the way you’ll have to contend with a pesky Adventuring Hero from the Kingdom of Good, your fellow Overlords, and maybe even Planet Fred itself! 

overlords 2

Its nice to see a light game that doesn’t take itself too seriously in the fantasy genre and yet seems to have a mix of good fun mechanics in the gameplay experience. AND its EU friendly! Yes!

For more information check out the project here… Overlords of Infamy on Kickstarter

Thunderbirds 50 Years: Co-Operative Board Game – 1st impressions solitaire


Thunderbirds 50 Years: Co-Operative Board Game – 1st impressions solitaire

The kind folks at Modiphius Games sent me a copy of the new Thunderbirds game designed by Matt Leacock and I told them that I wouldn’t be able to do a proper review as since moving to London, I don’t have a regular game group or gaming buddies local.

Having said that, I thought that I would give you my impressions having played it solitaire a number of times.

A design by Matt Leacock, who is a leading light in co-operative games, is pretty much a sure bet for a good game that can be played solitaire very well. I hope to play with my family now that I’ve got the game mechanics down.

TB2Thunderbirds fans will surely enjoy it. It looks great and has quality components including the Thunderbirds models, YAY! It brings the theme out very well. The characters are there as is the Hood and sense of impending doom from a continuous flow of disasters they just keep coming.


This is a tense game, similar to Matt’s game, Pandemic, and as the pressure ramps up and you are running out of options, it is stressful fun.

My sense is that you have to have the Virgil and Alan characters in the game as a minimum if you want to have a chance of winning. Getting the most out of Thunderbirds 2 (for transporting) and 3 (for space transfers of characters) is essential.

TB5Playing this game is a real balancing act and it will be with other players. Essentially you are mainly focused in countering disasters, conducting rescues and the like as you are coordinating how best to get the right characters with the right resources to the right location, at the right time. Sounds simple right?


The Disaster cards keep coming and you will need to plan ahead with the other players to optimise everyone’s turn. Each has its own level of threat and requirements to save the day.Mixed in the Disaster deck are cards the move The Hood along his track which brings with it the threat of 3 levels of increasing danger from his nefarious schemes.


You win by stopping the 3 schemes of The Hood. Trouble is, you have all of these other disasters to fend off. Its one thing to try this solitaire but it will be another with other players. We will have to listen to each other, plan well and coordinate effectively. I am really looking forward to more plays for sure.

All in all. I really like this game. It is a solid design, with lots of tension and fun. I highly recommend it for Thunderbirds fans!

Check out your local game shop or online suppliers for a copy or go straight to the publishers!

For more information go to Modiphius Games.