Cash & Guns

Cash & Guns is simply an Awesome game! The players are all members of a gang who are dividing up the take from a robbery and of course, fall out amongst themselves with guns out and bullets flying! Each round, after you find out how much of the haul is avaiable, you point a foam plastic gun at one of the other gang members and either shoot (Bang cards) bluff (click, click cards) or give in (cowardice). The winner is to survive with the most cash. Hilarious!


I traded for this one and played with my game group last week. This is a route building, tile placement puzzle game where you try and create the longest Paris Metro routes that you can to gain victory points. Took me a while to be able to see the routes due to the spaghetti of routes from all the players. Good fun and definitely want to play again.

Terra Nova

This is a really easy game in terms of mechanics. It is all about moving your pioneers to place boundary stones to capture terrain. The hard part is when you try to optimise your placement before the other players do. A real push your luck element where risk taking can pay off, or in my case set you up for a fall. I really enjoyed playing this and look forward to playing again.


An interesting game recenly played by my gaming group. Its all about competing for supremacy in ancient Japan.

After a long time going through the rules, we played a 5 player game and all in all, I probably liked it the most as I won. Having said that, I think that this would be better as a 3 player as if you start in the wrong location you can get picked on and not be able to recover.  I didn’t like the diplomacy mechanic either as it took a while for me to see the value of it. I did like the very nice map and components.


Entdecker is a lovely game where you lay out tiles forming different islands and you pay to place settlements, bases and scouts. You gain victory points as you complete islands and gain more points if you have stronger forces on the islands. A little more advanced for new players but an elegant system.

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