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Boardgames in Blighty News – Otherworld Games’ GenCon releases


Boardgames in Blighty News – Otherworld Games’ GenCon releases

7/18/2015 – San Francisco, CA – At GenCon 2015, Overworld Games will be releasing two additions to their line of hidden identity and deduction games with New Salem and Good Cop Bad Cop: Bombers and Traitors while demo’ing a third one that will be hitting Kickstarter right afterwards called Booze Barons. Booth: #2836.

New Salem

New Salem ($34.99) is the next great social deduction game about Witches and Puritans attempting to escape the horror of the Salem Witch Trials that plays in under 45 minutes for 3-8 players. Drafting allows you and everyone around the table to play at the same time as you gain clues about who may be a witch. Then you put your “Hope” in the right players so you can put the witches on trial before the end of the game. It gives you a taste of what it may have felt like to be a participant in the Salem Witch Trials where you can expect to say “YOU’RE A WITCH!” more than once during the game. Whether you’re an honest puritan or secretly a witch, you’ll constantly be faced with a decision of whether to help your team or play selfishly. The art by Andrea Olgiati (Winter Tales) will make it a contender for Best Art of 2015. Check out the Press Kit for it or the How to Play Video by one of the designers.

Good Cop Bad Cop: Bombers and Traitors

The nominee for the Dice Tower’s Best Party Game of 2014, Good Cop Bad Cop, will be getting a new expansion at GenCon called Bombers and Traitors ($14.99). It adds in more equipment, two new roles (the Bomber and the Traitor), and expands it to 3-8 players. It’s the same Good Cop Bad Cop fun where you unravel the mystery of who is on your team and point guns at your friends, but the expansion also adds more opportunities for deduction and deception.

Booze Barons

Just after GenCon on August 24th, the third game in this line, Booze Barons, will be hitting Kickstarter (preview link). This one takes place during the time of US Prohibition where you’re secretly bootlegging a specific type of booze as you try to make your mob the richest mob in town. There are always 3 teams (mobs) in the game so you’ll have to deduce who is on your team by the deliveries they make to the speakeasies around town. You can be confident in the pedigree of this game as it has been refined during playtesting at Protospiel Milwaukee, Protospiel Austin, Protospiel Houston, Protospiel San Jose, and Unpub 5.

About Overworld Games

Overworld Games is based in Sioux Falls, SD and San Francisco, CA. They specialize in light, social deduction games that have a high degree of player interaction. Questions? Contact