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Support the PIP (Play in Public) Campaign!

Spread the word! Do you really want to spread the word and get new people into our great hobby? Go to the Seizeyourturn website – NOW!!!

There you will read about this great campaign which we all can take part in. PIP (Play in Public) is all about playing boardgames in public to demonstrate the great games that are now available and show the doubters that they can have fun!  Have a read and GET IN THERE!

The 3rd International Gaming Photo Award

The International Gaming Photo Award

This is a contest of pictures about gamers, games and gaming around the world. You will have to translate the web page from Spanish.

The 3rd International Photography Contest 2010 is fun organized by the cultural association Cordoba played Tod @ s, with the collaboration of, within the framework of the activities of the International Games Festival 2010 Córdoba,

Check it out if you want to submit a photo.

Just received a note from the publisher of War on Terror!

Just received a note from the publisher of War on Terror!

Dear Boardgames in Blighty, It’s great to be in touch. I’m the publisher (and the illustrator) of ‘War on Terror, the boardgame’ and ‘Crunch – the game for utter bankers’. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them but we’re doing something rather bonkers for edition 2 of War on Terror, and I thought this would possibly interest you, and at the same time amuse! We’re having an auction which starts this Friday, it’s a bit unusual… here are full details:

Basically, we’re auctioning off the space on the War on Terror money, so that you can have your face on it, for the next 5,000 sets! I just couldn’t keep this to myself, feel free to tell the world. As the great hand in the sky says…it could be you! Best Tom

Have a look! You too can have your name on the money in War on Terror 2!

Spiele Des Jahres 2010 nominations

Nominations have been announced for the prestigious board game awards in Germany, the Spiele Des Jahres. The winners will be announced on June 28. Strangely, or not, new games are not always nominated…

The nominees are:



A  la Carte

Roll Through the Ages


Children’s Games

Diego Dragonstooth


Tower (Castle) Panic!

Vampire night


httpy, the Spiele Des Jahres://

UK Games Expo 2010- New Game Release news

Read all about the new game releases planned for this year’s Expo on June 4-6 featuring –

Workshop of the World’ – The latest game from Ragnar Brothers whom I hope to interview for Boardgames in Blighty

Age of Industry and Gettysburg – Aiming for release at Expo by Treefrog/Warfrog

Ascendancy and 1860 by JKLM Games

Great Fire – Medusa Games

The World Cup Card Game -Games for the World

Forbidden Island – Coiledspring Games

Tri 3D – Panic Games Ltd

Cubiko Word

Ants Expansion – Twisted Wind Games

Speicherstadt – Eggertspiele

Niche – Hopwood Games

Increasingly Triangular and Backswords & Bucklers – Tied to a Kite Games

Jurassic Wars – Dice Maestro

Through the Portal Boardgaming Ezine

The new digital issue of Through-the-Portal Gaming magazine is now available! This is an excellent BRITISH Ezine which scratches that board game info itch to be sure. Really nice job done with potential for a print edition if there is enough interest.

This issue features inteviews with Matt Leacock on his new game Forbidden Island and reviews of Fiasco, Tobago, 7 Ate 9, Ticket to Ride, Hanging Gardens, Word on the Street, Shotgun Diaries and more…

Show them your support!