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Kickstarter News -Casual Game Insider Magazine now on Kickstarter



Kickstarter News -Casual Game Insider Magazine now on Kickstarter


This is a magazine worth supporting!

From the Kickstarter page –

As we enter our 3rd year of production, please help us get onto major newsstands all over North America to promote tabletop gaming!



We have been accepted by a major magazine distributor who serves mainstream newsstands all over North America, at stores like Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Jo-Ann, REI, and many more.


Expanding onto major newsstands is a huge undertaking with a lot of risk, and we need your help to produce larger print runs than ever. Rewards for your pledge include print and digital subscriptions, reseller bundles, and sponsorship packages. Pledge now to download a FREE PDF of the latest issue immediately!

Exclusive Deal for Essen 2010 from White Goblin Games

Check out the sweet deal being offered by White Goblin Games (who will be featured in an interview soon right here, so watch this space) for Essen 2010 attendees. They are offering discounts on three new games – Inca Empire, Norenberc and Khan as well as the first expansion for Rattus. They are also throwing in bonuses for each!

Check it out!