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61 thoughts on “Boardgame publishers”

      1. Hello there Marc

        I would like to ask you if it is possible for you to help spread the word about my latest Kickstarter boardgame-project Canopy Walk?
        Thank you so much if you want to just share the information on your side of the ocean, as I have no contacts whatsoever in Malaysia to make this go round.
        So thank you for maybe forwarding the info or sending it to your friends or maybe passing the word otherwise.
        Hopefully I can find enough backers and I would really, really appreciate if you could help a bit

        kind regards
        Dennis (from Luxemburg)


      1. Hi Thomas,

        Not the kind of game that I review I’m afraid but I have seen it before. Looks like a nice game for those who like abstracts.

        I will add your link to the publisher list.



  1. I would like to get Mayfair Games on your list and put you on our press release list. Please send me your email address and I will get you hooked up.



  2. Hi, we are a new publishing/manufacturing company based in Norfolk and launch our new game WICKED WICKETS at Essen Spiel 2010 hall 4 stand 230. Our new (working) website should be live next week with more information about us.
    We are really keen to support the UK games scene and hope you can include us on your publisher page.

    Pleas feel free to contact me for any additional information.

    All the best


  3. Hi
    If Possible could you please add Spiral Galaxy Games to your list of UK publishers.
    We have co-published 2 games Brief History of the World and Canal Mania, and are currently printing are first card game to be published entirely by ourselves called Braggart – this should reach the UK shops this November.

    Dave Gilham


  4. Hi Rivcoach,
    I was wondering if you could add Go Ah Ah Play Games to your Board Game Publishers blog. We are another independent games publisher not listed above. As well as developing our own games, we also seek independent Board and Card Game Inventors and Designers to offer a Drop Ship service on our site. I have just released Toxin Drop – The Detoxification, Activation and Ascension board game. This is a brand new first edition game produced by Go An Ah Play Games that arrived December 2010.
    You will notice on my website that I also have Pocketfit, which is made in the UK
    Martial World from Ohio, USA
    and YOUR MAT from Australia
    It is wonderful to see so many inventors of board and card games actively producing such an array of entertaining and educational games.
    Your blog is a wonderful resource bringing these independents together.
    Well done. it’s great to see.
    Kind Regards


    1. Hi David. I may be interested as a designer in dropping some ideas your way.are you uk based? ? Also some of the links you included do not work. And agreed this is a great resource site for designers publishers and the like.


  5. Good afternoon – My I have found this blog very comprehensive and only have so long to go through it – I will have to dedicate some time to viewing some of the games you are featuring. I wanted to drop a line as we are a newly incorporated gaming company intenting to bring our first game Empires Collide to the market in mid 2013. We have a kickstarter campaign scheduled to begin on 18th January, and are looking for people who would be prepared to test and review the game when it is completed. If you get time perhaps you could check out our blog

    Kindest Regards,

    the Weaver Team


    1. Thanks for getting in touch. I’m very happy for you to publish any press releases, particularly as you are a British company! Empires Collide does look like a game I would enjoy reviewing. I’d like to see the rules first though to get a sense of how long it takes, how complex to see if it would be a game I could get to the table with my game group.


      1. Thanks for getting back to us so quickly. We will shortly be publishing the full rules on our blog, and at that time I will write to you to let you know so you can assess if our game is suitable for you and your group to test.

        Kindest regards


  6. Hi
    We are a UK board game publisher, probably not on your radar as we make our games as unique pieces of art so when they are not being played you can hang them on the wall. We started out revising classic centuries old games but have added our own inventions to the collection. We also design and produce low volume so great for any one who needs a one off special or a prototype.

    I hope you want to blog about us at some point – also will be at Essen this year – we don’t go every year.

    We recently re launced our website and getting into the social media side of things so all comments and feedback are gratefully received.


  7. Hi

    Thanks for your interest. One of our latest games is called Raani – it is a fun tactical game. It is a game that can be played at two levels – the second level being more complex than the first. The other new release for this year is Square Route – a great family game – children like it because they can stitch their dads up. You can follow this link to see more


    Adren team


  8. Hi
    I came across your blog and got interested…i designed a board game, and am looking for a credible board game manufacturing company probably in Asia. I’ll be most grateful if you can assist. Thanks!


    1. Hello,

      Panda in China is pretty reputable from what I understand. Your best bet is to post a note on and you wil get recommendations posted to you.

      Best of luck.


  9. Hello Rivcoach,

    I’ve invented a board game which I have been working on for some time now, it is finished, it has been well play tested and has received a positive reaction and feedback, I would appreciate very much your honest opinion and advice on it, are we able to communicate in order for me to forward on information/pictures etc to you?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.



      1. Thank you Rivcoach,

        Sorry for my delay, I’ll endeavour to send some info onto you as soon as I am able.

        Kind Regards



  10. Hi, I am looking for some help, my 7 year old has designed a board game for her and her 3 year old sister to play and it is simple but amazing and they love playing it. I would like to encourage her by sending it to a publisher but am not sure where to go and if I need to register the design first for her.


  11. Hi Mark!

    Could you please add Sit Down! games to this list ? We are a publisher from Belgium.

    I see you share board game news but can’t find an e-mail address to contact you. We just released a Print & Play version of our next game (Magic Maze) and would like to share it as much as possible with players from everywhere : I’m not sure it’s a type of game you enjoy, but it’s a quite special one.

    You can contact me at : laetitia[at]sitdown-games[dot]com



  12. Hi Rivcoach, I am an A2 student studying product design for one of my A Levels and I have a few questions I’d like to ask if you don’t mind? I am currently designing and making my own board game and a unit to go along with it, I was wondering what you think are the most important aspects of a board game? I was also wondering (because you mentioned designing games) what you think would be the best material to use? At the moment I am thinking of either using plywood and laser cutting out the different pieces and using a wooden board but I also have the option of using grey board and printing off a sheet to go over the top?

    I imagine you have a lot of board games in your home so I was wondering if a board game unit is something that you would be interested in? At the moment I am trying to identify whether or not there would be an actual market for something like this.
    I wanted to create a unit where I could show off my games instead of storing them under my bed or in my wardrobe where often they are forgotten about and not appreciated!

    Thank you for your time


    1. Hiya Jess.

      Lots of good questions.

      1) The most important aspects to me are theme and mechanics that bring the theme to life. Others will say that mechanics come first. Its all very subjective according to taste. The key is knowing your audience and designing in a way that will attract their interest.

      2) Plywood and laser cutting is unusual. Check out the work Chris Urinko is doing with his company Daft Concepts

      Personally, I prefer cardboard for production and shipping costs and flexibility.

      Most people use book cases for their games. Their is a speciality gamer furniture market that is mostly for gaming tables and the costs are pretty high. As book cases are relatively cheap, I’m not convinced that there would be a market, but you never know.

      Probably a good idea for you to join some of the board game designer groups on facebook.

      Best of luck.



  13. Hi,
    I’m not sure if this is the right place, but I have taken on a project where it’s a quarter of the way in. The ‘board’ game has been created, there is a design. I am wanting to speak with a few ‘manufacturers’, that might be able to help bring the game alive. I will be looking at what are the best materials for this type of game as well the longevity in the materials etc


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