I will be happy to do a promotion/raise awareness post for your Kickstarter Game project on the Boardgames in Blighty Blog for a nominal fee of £20 payable to my PayPal account in advance. A 30 day advert is available for £50. Either way, I will only agree to do a promo post if your game is one that I would personally play. Drop me a note if interested.

1) The promotion/raise awareness piece on my blog will give you a post here on the FB page as well as on my Twitter and Google+ feeds. NOTE – this will not be an opinion piece in any way. It will be essentially a raise awareness piece.

2) I am happy to promote a Board Game project as long as I feel that the content of your game would be valuable to me as a gamer, my audience and not objectionable to me in terms of content.

3) You can have multiple Promo posts during your campaign at £20 each.

4) Again, all promo/raise awareness posts will not be opinion based. They will be based upon wording that you have used on your project page.

6) If you would like further objective advice about your project, purely based upon my experience in the Board Game media, please message me on my Facebook page and I will quote you a price for my time. Nothing dramatic, but fair.


  1. Hey, rivcoach!

    Wanted to connect with you once again for a little Kickstarter promotion, if you’re willing and interested. The project this time is a 2-player micro card game inspired by Moby Dick. Here’s the link for you to check out; let me know if you want another 20 pounds! 😀

    ~Geoffrey Greer/Past Go


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