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NOTE about Promotions – I am willing to consider doing a one-off Promo piece for £20 or a 30 day advert for £50 but only if your game is one that I would personally play. Drop me a note if interested.

Welcome if you are a board gamer or curious about them!

Boardgaming is simply loads of fun! I started out primarily as a board wargamer due to my interest in military history but have branched out to Eurogames which has broadened my horizons and brought me in contact with terrific friends.

I’ve started this blog to give a view of board gaming here in the UK or “Blighty”.

Blighty – a slang term for Great Britain used by British troops serving abroad

I hope to provide a variety of things here:

  • Primarily, Board Game news updates, particularly regarding UK designed and published games as well as Kickstarter projects
  • NOTE – I have written short reviews, the kind I prefer to read. I don’t do detailed, in-depth analysis, going through every inch of a game, spoiling your own voyage of discovery. I don’t do strategy articles. Nice, concise overviews of what you get, my experience and feelings about my experience is what I do. If you want long boring analysis, go get a pillow and look on boardgamegeek. If you don’t like that I keep it concise, well, er…, tough.
  • NOTE – I have personally stopped writing reviews but I am open to UK based reviewers wishing to review games and have them published here. Drop me a note if you are interested
  • Links to UK based shops selling great boardgames
  • Links to information about boardgame conventions accessible to UK boardgamers
  • Links to great resources about boardgames including THE DADDY – Boardgamegeek!

Boardgames in Blighty is a proud member of the UK Gaming Media Network





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  1. Dear Dear Boardgames in Blighty,

    It’s great to be in touch. I’m the publisher (and the illustrator) of ‘War on Terror, the
    boardgame’ and ‘Crunch – the game for utter bankers’.

    I don’t know if you’ve heard of them but we’re doing something rather
    bonkers for edition 2 of War on Terror, and I thought this would
    possibly interest you, and at the same time amuse!

    We’re having an auction which starts this Friday, it’s a bit unusual…

    here are full details:


    Basically, we’re auctioning off the space on the War on Terror money, so that you can have your face on it, for the next 5,000 sets! I just couldn’t keep this to myself, feel free to tell the world. As the great hand in the sky says…it could be you!




    1. Hi Tom,

      I’m looking to contact Board Game Bloggers to help promote my new game
      on Kickstarter. I’d really like you to take a look at
      http://www.facebook.com/plaguelandofthedead … if you can help me with some
      blogging, I’d like to send you a digital copy of the game for your
      review. I’m going to start the kickstarter campaign in a week, so I’d
      really like to get a buzz going.



      1. Hello Tom,

        I don’t do reviews of games until they are fully printed I’m afraid. Id be happy to have a look at your Kickstarter once it goes live and if looks like something my readers would be interested in, I will give you a plug.



  2. Hi Tom,

    I’d be happy to spread the word. In fact, perhaps I can send you a questionnaire interview and I can also publish your responses?




  3. Greetings Mark,

    My name is Randolph Carter and the reason I’m darkening your door today is to invite you to participate in an email interview with me for my blog, Grinding to Valhalla.

    If you were to take a look at my blog you would notice it consists almost entirely of interviews with people who are involved in way or another with video games—be it through blogging, podcasting, or writing books about the subject. While this has certainly been the focus since I started this project, I’m hoping to “switch gears” so to speak. Since the subtitle of my blog happens to be, “interviewing the gamer with a thousand faces,” I thought it might be time to broaden my focus and horizons a bit.

    I’ve been an avid MMO player for roughly 5 years now but have recently found myself gravitating toward board games and the online player culture surrounding them. I’m not the most sociable creature on earth, and the thought of seeking out like-minded people in my vicinity to play board games is a rather high barrier to entry for me at this point. So, I log into an MMO most nights to group up with my real life (yet long distance) friends and have a good time, while during my days at work I’m listening to podcasts and reading blogs about board games. Weird, I know.

    What I’ve found most heartening is that board gamers are as passionate about their gaming pastime as anyone I’ve come across on the video game front, but I get a sense that there are many board gamers who choose not to play video games. While I’m certain people who play video games also play board games and vice versa, I’d really like to find out if there exists something of a bias or disconnect between the two, and if so, why that is.

    If you would by chance be up for an interview where we could discuss this further, please let me know. Some of the questions I can see being asked would be:

    Would you mind describing your blog/website/podcast for those who haven’t heard of it?
    Why do you play board games?

    What was your introduction to the genre?

    What are some of your favorite games?

    Who do you play with and how often do you play?

    Do you ever play video games (console or PC)?

    Would you say there is any guilt involved in doing so?

    Do you see any reason why a gamer needs to choose between one or the other?

    If you were surrounded by a group of diehard video gamers at a cocktail party and they discovered your board gaming tendencies, what would you tell them about the genre in its defense?

    I’ve babbled on long enough for now. Please let me know if you would be up for this at some point. As I’m still working on the questions I’ll be asking, I don’t see this happening right at the moment. I’m just testing the waters for now—seeing if I can generate enough interest and participation to do a project like this justice.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Take care,


    P.S. Sorry to clutter up your site with this drivel, but I wasn’t sure how to contact you otherwise. Please delete after reading.

    Randolph Carter


  4. Hi Mark,
    Just wanted to check out your blog and I’m really liking it. The games today where fun and I cant wait to play the one I won in the raffle, but I’m going to wait ’til Kevin comes so I can beat him, and so I have more than 2 people to play with. Anyway just wanted to stop by and say Hi and I really like playing board games now, more than before.



  5. Hey Josh,

    Glad you enjoyed playing games with us today. Check in with my blog sometimes. Or you can subscribe and get an email when I post something (usually weekly).

    Take care!



  6. Hi
    Just wanted to check you had heard about our board game which is coming out in June?
    Its called Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame and is based on the books of Sir Terry Pratchett.
    It will be published by Z-Man Games in the US and was designed by us, (Backspindle Games) here in the UK.
    It’s strategy, fun and Discworld all rolled ito one, designed by Discworld fans for Discworld fans, and everyone else.
    It has been well received by play-testers both young and older, (like me) and offers a fresh approach to the board game market.
    Kind regards
    PS Our website will be up in a few weeks


    1. Hi
      Just to let you know our Facebook site is up and we will be posting updates there prior to our website going live. Its Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame


  7. Hey hey


    I have a new card game that I would love to send to you for a review. My friend and I have been working on it since 2009 and we have just printed our first 1000 boxes. 

    We are from New Zealand and have started a company, Greenstone Games, for the purpose of self-publishing this card game.  

    Here is a little about our game:

    Also, you can visit our website here:

    Would you be willing to do this? I can have it in the mail to you as soon as tomorrow.

    Many thanks,


  8. Dear Mark,

    When your mate Michael Fox interviewed Steve Jackson on a little metal dog forum, he decided to follow up Steve’s choice of his second favourite game of all time – and interview me, its designer probably this Sunday. If you are interested in recent developments in this game, please look at the website below and contact us.

    Yours, Mike and Mary


    1. Hi Mike and Mary, I presume that you are talking about Warlord. Wow, that’s nostalgia. I’ve never played it but sure do remember when it was around in the shops for sure. I look forward to listening to the interview!


      1. Hi Mark – Thank you for replying to us. We put below information about Classic Warlord that you may not know.

        Ultimate War Board Game “Classic Warlord” http://www.classicwarlord.com

        This now legendary game was first produced in 1968. It took the gaming world by storm. It led to all night frenzied sessions at universities up and down the country. It was played in H.M.Borstal in Wellingborough. It spread to the USA and Europe.

        Playing the original Warlord game for the first time, Steve Jackson of Games Workshop wrote in his admiring review ‘Three hours later I was spellbound”. Games Workshop took over the game in the early 1980’s and released it as Apocalypse (a smaller version).

        When the copyright came back to Mike Hayes, he revisited the excellent feedback he had received from hundreds of fascinated Warlord/Apocalypse fans. He tested some intriguing rule-enhancements and increased the number of regions to 600. In October 2012 he re-launched the game as “Classic Warlord”.

        Classic Warlord retains the original game’s unique, simple and entirely skilful method of play where the dice is staked, never thrown. It is a multi-player board game (2-7) that requires players to exercise skill, intuition, bluff, intrigue, strategic acumen and emotional intelligence. A variety of quick games can be played by using just a few of the full 8 boards.

        The original red and blue box editions are now expensive collector’s items. Only 500 copies are being produced of this exceptional gold box first edition. In the long-term, ownership of Classic Warlord will be a treasured asset.

        For more information see http://www.classicwarlord.com or contact Mike directly at classicwarlord@gmail.com In the run up to Christmas postage and packaging is FREE. This is a present from Santa to give family and friends the opportunity to buy a present for a board games player that he or she would really get pleasure from. A word of warning – this game is addictive and once discovered, players have fun playing it over and over again. You might have to drag them away for Christmas Dinner.


    1. Dear Mark,

      The press release is very much appreciated. We are a wet-behind-the-ears small family business who don’t know anything about media contacts and big games promotions. Please would you tell us where your press release goes to? Is there anything you suggest we do as a follow-up?

      Many thanks, Mike and Mary


      1. Hi,

        Happy to help a Uk based publisher! My subscribers and readers will see it of course. I’ve also posted links on my Facebook page, Twitter and Boardgamegeek.com in the forums.


      2. You might want to post something on the Boardgamegeek.com page for your game. Lastly, there is a BoardgameGeek News feature there and you could contact W. Eric Martin who does most of the posts there and see if he would accept a news piece from you. I’m sure that he would be interested.


  9. Hi Mark,

    Thanks again for yet more helpful advice. Classic Warlord has featured on BGG mainly because of the forum that is built around Apocalypse (the version Games Workshop brought out). But we find trying to spread the information that Classic Warlord now exists through BGG, and to tell players how to contact us, mystifying. When Mike referred people on the forum to the classicwarlord.com website, when answering questions from a few players who had already bought Classic Warlord, almost all of his remarks were deleted and his contributions were treated as spam. We found this disconcerting as no breach of ‘rules’ was intended. As you will realise, we are not of the generation who have been brought up on using the internet, contacting forums and using threads (never sure what the latter means) so we have been rather cautious about contacting BGG since then. We don’t want inadvertently to alienate the people who run the BGG website.

    We will therefore follow your advice and contact W.Eric Martin. Many thanks for giving us the name of the person we could approach.

    We have recently set up a twitter account and are just learning how to use it. Ian Livingstone was kind enough to become one of our followers and sent us a supportive tweet. There is a face book page too – though as yet we have not tried to gain publicity through using it. So we are on a rapid but difficult learning curve re getting our heads around social media. By contrast, Mike’s inventive genious in producing a multiplayer board game of skill that really excites people was a piece of cake!

    Very best wishes
    Mary (Mike’s wife).


  10. Hi Mark,

    Yesterday we launched a kickstarter project for a new game called Pivit: http://kck.st/YgBT0X

    It’s in the genre of chess, but with simpler rules, faster gameplay, and for 2, 3, or 4 players. I thought you might like it because our team put a lot of effort into a consistent and thoughtfully designed experience, centered around a core of simplicity belying a sophistication that only reveals itself upon closer examination. We like to reward the player’s attention 🙂

    I hope things are going well for you.

    Happy holidays,
    – Ivan


  11. Dear Mark,

    Hello. Having come across your interest in games on this blog, we thought we would write to you about an initiative of ours in the hope that, if you like it, you might spread the word.

    We have set up a website of Murder Mystery games (6-11 players), available in multiple languages. So far three games are available. They are set in the 18th Century Caribbean, the late Neolithic, and at the court of Hamlet. (The latter is studded with extensive quotations from Shakespeare).

    They are not board games in the strict sense, but they are loads of fun 🙂 NB They are played in a room with friends, not online.


    If the venture arouses interest, more games will soon be added.

    If the website piques your interest, we would of course be happy to offer you a free trial. (Until tomorrow the games are free anyway, thereafter the normal cost will be £10 a game).

    Our games are quite heavily scripted (like a play), though open discussion rounds are included. They will appeal to those who enjoy a gripping story, a good turn of phrase, a conundrum to puzzle over, and an opportunity to bring out the actor within.

    With all good wishes for a happy festive season,

    (for Daggerville Games)


      1. Dear Rivcoach,

        Thanks for the enquiry about Classic Warlord, son of Apocalypse grandson of the old Warlords.
        We’ve got the new Classic Warlord up to 600 regions over 8 boards but with plenty of options for quick games if you don’t want to go the full hog.
        So far the feedback and reviews has been top notch. And professionals like Steve J and Ian L have been so supportive and helpful.

        Again, thanks for the interest.

        Mike and Mary


  12. Hi!

    After years of being a board and card game addict, I’ve spent the past year developing and creating my very first tactical and strategic card based game.

    My game – The Agents – is set in the world of espionage, secret agency, subterfuge, mistrust and wile. It’s a smart but simple game targeted towards gamers at the more strategic, advanced end of the spectrum though more casual gamers will enjoy this game as well. ‘The Agents’ is made up of cards which have been beautifully designed by my collaborator and outstanding graphic artist, Danny Morrison to immerse the players in this dark world of deceit.

    The game employs a unique mechanic where each card played has a dual mechanic, affecting both the player and the opponent. Each card can be placed down in two ways – with the points facing you OR rotated 180 degrees so the command faces you, but your opponent benefits from the other half of the card. I.e if you choose the points, they get the command, if you choose the command, they get the points!

    I’m writing to ask whether you would be willing to receive a test copy of the game to look over, play test and provide any feedback. As one of the voices I really admire and respect in the world of gaming, your insights would be invaluable to me.

    I’m aiming to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the first edition of the game in the coming weeks. The production costs of the game are low, and I’m aiming to raise about $8,000 for this first print.

    I’ve produced a very limited beta run of the game and I’d love to mail you one of these copies. Please let me know whether you’d be interested in being an early tester and reviewer.

    More information about the game can be found here; http://www.playtheagency.com, and I’d be delighted to answer any questions you have about the game, me, my process and so on.

    Very much looking forward to hearing back (saar.shai@gmail.com).

    Kind regards,


    1. Hello,

      Thanks very much for getting in touch. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to accept your offer as I just don’t have the time to look at unpublished games other than my own prototypes.

      I wish you the best of luck.


  13. Hi Mark,

    Just stumbled across your site via the UKGMN and like your idea of short, pithy reviews.

    I’ve got a blog about game design, mainly about my Magic Maelstrom game and all about designing and playtesting it. There are bits on the thought processes, iterations of the board (map), use of graphics software and hardware etc.


    I’m at the stage of having a well playtested version and want to share my experiences with the community and raise awareness of the game. Following on from that, I will be looking at publishing it.

    A bit about me – I ran a Games Shop in the early 1980’s when GW/Citadel started making figures, then had my own Design Business creating masters for casting and my own ranges of figures (Acropolis Design and Zap!), initially sharing a workshop with Aly and Trish Morrison, the GW/Marauder designers and had a limited release of dwarves for GW mail order. I gave up designing in late-1980’s to get a proper paying job.

    Edinburgh, UK


    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Happy to keep up a conversation about your game. It looks interesting. If you are coming to UK Games Expo, come along and introduce yourself as I will mostly be demoing my latest design at the Backspindle Games stand (K9) as a prelude to our Kickstarter Campaign. I’m also easily contacted on Twitter @blightygamer.



  14. Hello
    I am from a small independent company called ‘Pants on Fire Games’ and we have just started a kickstarter project to launch a 2nd edition of one of our games. Can I put the details on this site. I’m sort of new to blogging – been sat round too many board games for too long.




  15. rivcoach,

    My name is Joey Andrews and I’m an aspiring game designer. I’ve already designed a few, but I am really struggling with the promoting part. In reality, I just want to be designing and let someone else shake the hands and kiss the babies. I don’t have much help right now though, so I’m split between several roles and the design part is the only thing I’m doing well.

    My project is a family card game called FiSH DeCK. I’ve designed a deck of cards that’s versatile for gameplay. I want people to be able to play several different games with it. I’m illustrating all the cards with strange and funny character fish. The main rules for the game play a little like the old card game Tonk(Trunk). It’s a quick game and it’s fun. I like pointing out that the cards look really damn good, even if I am patting myself on the back.

    Little kids can play it, old ladies can play it. Everyone can have fun with it. Except maybe infants and the invalid.

    http://www.fishdeck.net is the game website. Once you see it, you’ll quickly understand what I’m doing with the game. You can get to the kickstarter and facebook page from there, too. All the rules that we’ve developed so far are listed on the kickstarter page. If a brief announcement and appeal for support would be appropriate for your audience, please let me know. We would obviously give you a shout out as well on our facebook page.

    I’m known as a genuine person, and I am genuinely grateful for any help or advice you can offer in getting my project off the ground. I want people to tell me honestly what they think of the game. THank you for your time.

    JoEY Andrews
    -FiSH DeCK Lead Designer.


  16. Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to let you know about my new Lovecraft themed card game I have up on Kickstarter. If you’re interested to know more, please send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the press release and be glad to answer any questions! Thanks for everything you do here! Have a great day!

    Best Regards,
    Dann Kriss


  17. Hi,

    I help run a board game blog based in London. We would really like a guest post and your blog would be the perfect match. Would you be up for doing a short post – a bit plugging your blog and also a little bit on the future of board gaming or any other topic which appeals.

    Let me know if you’d be interested, wouldn’t need to be long and we’d obviously cross ref your blog too.



    1. Hi Geoff,

      Thanks for the offer but I won’t have time to get to it. If I get to UK Expo, I’d like to have a look at your game as it looks like the kind of game that I would like.



  18. Hi Mark,

    I hope you are having an awesome day. My name is Alejandro Garza and I’m from an indie studio dedicated to making video games with great AI. The project we are currently working in, is played both on table (Trading Card Game) and as a video game: Crusing Darkness.

    Through Augmented Reality, you will be able to see your creatures battling your opponent, the table will become a true battlefield. Right now we are running a Kickstarter on it and are wondering if it could be featured in your blog. You can see the campaign over here:

    and here:

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. Have an awesome day.

    – Lex


  19. Hi Mark, I hope you’re well!

    I’ve created a new micro-game and am looking for people willing to play the game and provide comments, feedback or even a review in return for a free evaluation copy.

    The game is called Housing Crisis and pits 2 real estate agents (I went with US terminology as I plan on drawing a ‘delightfully British’ version at some point for fun 🙂 ) against each other to place lodgers into plots in the most efficient way to score points. It’s exceptionally easy to pick up and play, highly strategic and rounds only last a few minutes. The luck versus skill is carefully balanced to ensure every game is different whilst keeping game control well within the remit of the players.

    The rules and a rudimentary black & white board can be downloaded from our FTP site here http://www.rackandpiniongames.co.uk/files/ (just 3 JPG files) if you wish to try the game immediately, although if you provide an appropriate forwarding address I would love to send you a copy of the printed board, rules and tokens to better evaluate the game.

    If this’s okay, then I look forward to sending you a copy along with some brief information on what the full retail version will include.



  20. Hi, Mark,
    I’m Terry Coleman, Publisher of Daring Play. Our new Traveller Ascension boardgame, which launched on Kickstarter last week, is the first new Traveller boardgame in more than a decade. We’ve had a great first week – already 90% funded – and I was hoping you could run a news item on the game. You can find the Kickstarter project here:

    In any case, I always enjoy your blog – keep the great gaming news coming :–)



    1. Hi Terry,

      I will put a note up in today’s news post. As an old skool gamer, I’m glad to see this. I’ve always been interested in Traveller but never played it. If you could make this project Euro-friendly by arranging for local distribution to cut down shipping and the threat of import duties, it would really help. Very few kickstarter projects do this.

      Best of luck.



  21. Mark,
    Just a follow-up: We made our initial funding goal with 2 weeks to go on Kickstarter. Also, there are new updates on the Kickstarter site that offer more gameplay details, as well as discussion of where we are going with the Traveller Ascension line.
    So, thanks again for the post :–)
    If any of you have questions about the game, feel free to ask. Thanks for the interest and support, guys.


  22. Hi Mark, I know you get a ton of these, but we just launched a Kickstarter for the mobile version of the game Coup. We’re spreading the word around and were hoping it would be of interest to you and your blog. Thank you for your time!

    The links is here:



  23. Hi Mark

    Please help us to make Among Nobles the first board game to succeed on the Danish* Kickstarter page and mention us in your blog 🙂

    * yes, the game is Danish, not British. It do feature loads of British nobles though – more than any other country.


    Among Nobles is a self-published eurogame about establishing and expanding a family dynasty in feudal Europe. Players control some of the most iconic and influential figures in the European history. Using their unique abilities cunningly is crucial in the fierce competition between the leading noble houses. The game is won and lost in the intricate interaction between war, strategic marriages and influence at court. Each player starts with a lord and his lady and will bring generations of their family to life through birth and marriage.


    Troels Vastrup
    Among Meeples


  24. Hi Mark,

    Seems like the about comments are the place to say hi! I’m dropping you a line from an art studio in Worcester that’s turned to game design and who’re just about to launch our second offering. A cooperative game broadly about setting fire to yourself:

    That’s a preview link, but it’ll become a live link at 5 tomorrow (GMT) so if you could give us a shout sometime around then we’d love it 🙂



      1. Ah the number 11 in Birmingham still likes to show up three at a time 😉 Glad to hear things have gotten better over there.


      2. Aw, I just saw this reply, I must have missed the e-notification. I did do some demos at the UK expo, perhaps I’ll have a finished copy of the game to show you there next year!


  25. Hi – I wanted to leave you a note about our game, Neon Sanctum.

    Neon Sanctum is a card based roleplaying game set in a unique world where the post apocalypse and cyberpunk collide.

    Cards are used to represent all the things players would expect in a traditional RPG. A character’s skills, their cybernetic implants, their equipment and even the enemies they meet are all brought to life with beautiful cards. It’s definitely a tabletop game, if not a traditional boardgame – and we’re UK based (near Cambridge.)

    You can get more information on our Kickstarter page, but feel free to contact me directly if you’d like any more information! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1233586901/neon-sanctum

    Best wishes,



  26. Hi Mark,

    I’ve created a board game and it’s on Kickstarter now but looks like it’s not going to get founded. Thats my first project and looks like i miss something i last 12 months… If you could check my game and give any feedback that can help me.


    1. Hi Irena,

      I am by no means an expert, but experience tells me that you have a number of problems with your project.

      1) i can guess about gameplay but im not sure as the video has no explanation. You need a how to play video.

      2) it looks like movement is determined by a dice roll. Many gamers do not like this mechanic.

      3) i think that you have overpriced the game. At $75 for the game you are competing against games that provide detailed miniatures at a similar price.

      4) you need a lot more detail as to what you get with the game.

      That should give you a start.



      1. Hi again. Actually on a further look, i suspect that its the price and the games you are competing with at that price range. You have all the right things on the project I think so ignore my previous comments. Im a bit mystified as to why you aren’t attracting more backers. Are you on twitter and Google+ and actively engaging with board game reviewers? Promotion and word of mouth matters.


  27. Hi Mark,

    In your ‘About’ section you said that you share information about UK game conventions. We’re running a competition for people to win a copy of XCOM at the UK Games Expo next weekend. Not sure if your readers would be interested in having a go but I thought I’d let you know. Full info is here: http://tinkerbotgames.com/expo




  28. Hello! My name is Hubert Spala and I represent a UK/Polish company, Rombo Games. We found your website and this comment section, leading us into believing, that you might just help us with the feedback on the project we are working on! 😉

    I will tell you a little bit more about Publish or Perish: http://www.publishorperishthegame.com

    This is a game in ongoing development process at the moment, however on our webpage you can see more about how the game is going to look and feel. It is a family board game with mobile app (hybrid game) designed for 2-6 players from 8 years old up. It is simple enough for kids to grasp it but offers enough competitive challenge for adults as well.

    Publish or Perish is a deduction game where you have to discover the secret properties of the subatomic particles (called hypersymmetry). In order to do so you have to clash particles against each other in the collider and observe the results. After few smart experiments you will be able to deduct the secret properties of some of the particles and trying to build a solid publication paper that will give you a lot of points.

    This is an example of deduction: Assuming that the secret property of particle 13 has been discovered and it is circle, if a player experiments with particle 13 and 7 and the result is circle and square, the player can deduct and publish that particle 7 has square as secret property. Of course, this is the simplest case of deduction because particles have charges (positive or negative) and belong to different groups (leptons and quarks) and all this need to be taken in consideration when experimenting and publishing.

    Long story short, we capture the essence of the publish or perish motto. As a scientist you need to struggle with the decision of continuing your research and risk that other person will be faster than you or publish your findings to be safe but waste the opportunity of more discoveries.

    I hope you find it interesting enough, It would be great to hear your questions and your feedback about the concept. The webpage will be updated regularly with the progress of the game. 🙂


  29. Hi Mark,

    It’s me again, I’m publishing some more games in the UK, one’s a Nightmare themed one timed for Halloween with some really gribbly art and the other is an interesting little beast that’s come out of a collaboration with a charity that’s interested in finding new ways to get kids into the orchestra of all things. Is there somewhere I can send you more details or is it still best to chat with you via your about page?



  30. Hey Mark,

    Been developing boardgame-perfection (yea, i honestly believe it has been achieved 😉 perfect balance between strategy & chance and the right amount of complexity within a familiar layout but a detailed crafted board. It’s called world-control & you can check out a short explanation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7sniHk6QsY & of course more infos on the website: http://www.world-control.net

    tell me what ya think & write me an e-mail (been looking for other ways to contact you … would be cool, if you provide some e-mail or twitter connect 😉

    cheers & stay in the game!



  31. Hi, Mark,

    I am writing hoping to get your attention on Triathlon Series, the board game we launched just a month ago and that is our star at Spiel 2016, in Essen:)

    Triathlon Series, as the name already says, is the first triathlon game that speaks about strength and mindfulness in sports and life.

    The game invites you to become an amateur triathlete struggling to find the time for training and steady your mental and energy state to be as ready as you possible can for the race. Your objective is to be the first at the finish line.

    During the two stages of the game – management/training and race – you have to train the necessary skills (swim, bike, run) and develop the personal expertise (strength and mindfulness) that you need in order to choose the right strategy.

    All the choices you make, the way to manage the time, measure your energy and keep your motivation strong, as well as your physical strength have a direct influence on your performance during the game and become a huge influence on the ranking. Train continuously, develop intelligent tactics, become one body and mind and your winning chances will grow exponentially.

    For the non-professional athletes, Triathlon Series means staying connected to their interest zone. For everybody else, there are no limitations: no matter if you participate in triathlons or you have never gone to a gym in your entire life, if you are a grown up or a child, if you have a big library of board games or none.

    Triathlon Series is also a friendly way of introducing sports to children and to encourage them to practice athletic activities that will lead to a harmonious development.

    Hoping I didn’t bore you too much, here is where you cand find more about our game: http://www.afterracegames.com

    I’m sorry you had to miss Essen this year and I hope your health gets better.

    All the best,

    Ruxandra Hristescu


  32. Hi Mark,

    Was curious re: any forthcoming plans to expand Luchador! My continued love for this game is no secret, even if I no longer haunt the hallowed halls of the ‘Geek. Hope you and yours are and remain well. ☺

    Sean (McGuire)


    1. Hey Sean!

      Great to hear from you mate. A number of things in the fire at various stages. Can’t share anything yet I’m afraid but will certainly announce when things are solid. If you do FB then Like the Luchador page or follow @backspindlegame and as news breaks you will most likely see it there first. I think that you have my email right?


  33. Mark,

    I thought I did, but I had my last missive bounced back to me, so maybe I don’t. I’m @wyldeirishman@comcast.net if you don’t have mine. Viva Luchador!


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