Boardgames in Blighty Essen News -TRIATHLON Series. The Board Game will be available at Essen 2016


Boardgames in Blighty Essen News -TRIATHLON Series. The Board Game will be available at Essen 2016

This game makes me tired just thinking about it… But seriously, this is different and you may want to check it out at Essen 2016.

From the publisher’s (After Race Games) press release –

Triathlon Series, as the name already says, is the first triathlon game that speaks about strength and mindfulness in sports and life.

The game invites you to become an amateur triathlete struggling to find the time for training and steady your mental and energy state to be as ready as you possible can for the race. Your objective is to be the first at the finish line.


During the two stages of the game – management/training and race – you have to train the necessary skills (swim, bike, run) and develop the personal expertise (strength and mindfulness) that you need in order to choose the right strategy.

All the choices you make, the way to manage the time, measure your energy and keep your motivation strong, as well as your physical strength have a direct influence on your performance during the game and become a huge influence on the ranking. Train continuously, develop intelligent tactics, become one body and mind and your winning chances will grow exponentially.

For the non-professional athletes, Triathlon Series means staying connected to their interest zone. For everybody else, there are no limitations: no matter if you participate in triathlons or you have never gone to a gym in your entire life, if you are a grown up or a child, if you have a big library of board games or none.

Triathlon Series is also a friendly way of introducing sports to children and to encourage them to practice athletic activities that will lead to a harmonious development.

Hoping I didn’t bore you too much, here is where you cand find more about our game:



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