Boardgames in Blighty News – 20th Annual Mind Sports Olympiad to take place in London this August

Olympiad 1

Boardgames in Blighty News – 20th Annual Mind Sports Olympiad to take place in London this August

For those of you who are competitive gamers, you time has come! Check out this press release about the 20th Annual Mind Sports Olympiad – a week of non-stop competition playing classic games and some very familiar games for board gamers. Here is your chance to become a World Champion! Errr… Diving Chess???

For the final week of August, Sunday 21st – Monday 29th, hundreds of board game enthusiasts will descend upon NW3 in London to take part in the 20th Annual Mind Sports Olympiad. Over the course of the week over 12 World Champions will be crowned and a host of other winners will get to add the title of Mind Sports Champion to their accolades.

The championship kicks off with a splash on August 14th with the Diving Chess World Championship at the Third Space Gym in Soho, London. Diving Chess is similar to normal chess with the exception that it is played in a swimming pool using a submerged chessboard. Each player can only plan their next move for the length that they can hold their breath. Once you’ve made a move and come up for air, your opponent must dive and stay under until they’ve decided their move, and then it’s your turn to dive again…

olympiad 2

The tournament features a range of games that test your mental agility, from familiar games such as chess and Monopoly to the cult classics of Settlers of Catan and Oware. There really is something for everyone and every level. The Championships even has a Learn to Play space where parents can bring their children to introduce them to new games. Other games include Poker, Chinese Chess, Shogi, Dominion, Cribbage, Scrabble, Bridge, Backgammon, Carcassonne, Agricola and even a Tetris competition (in battle mode on a Nintendo). Additional highlights include a Sudoku competition, the Eurogames World Championship, the Memory World Cup, and a lecture on how games can improve decision making in real life.


The Olympiad’s popular Creative Thinking World Championship is returning again with new mind-bending questions and will be hosted by former British Chess Champion, William Hartston.

We would be delighted to welcome UK Gaming Media to cover the event and we can set up an interview with the chairman of the MSO, Etan Ilfeld, before and during the Championship.

For more information visit the website: or contact Vicky Hartley on or 07463 751771.

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