Boardgames in Blighty News – Carnival Zombie 2nd Edition from Albe Pavo coming to Kickstarter


Boardgames in Blighty News – Carnival Zombie 2nd Edition from Albe Pavo coming to Kickstarter

My friends from Albe Pavo have announced that they will be upgrading Carnival Zombie with a 2nd edition, soon to be on Kickstarter.

I asked them for some details so here you go…


Here’s a list of all improvements included in the new edition:

  • MINIATURES: The 6 characters.CZ2
  • SCEANRIOS: A totally new gaming experience with new challenges for the heroes, giving you the chance to try different types of gameplay. More details below!
  • BOSSES: New Boss mechanics.
  • IMPROVED RULES: Improved and fixed rules details.
  • RULEBOOK: Total revision based on reviews and comments from many players.
  • NEW OBJECT CARDS: A new object for each character. (this will be KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE)
  • IMPROVED COMPONENTS: Better board quality, darker barricade cubes, outlined terrain tiles, and improved graphics for easier reading and playing.




Scenarios are really really cool and will allow players to face totally new challenges.

  • Some of the features that you will find in scenarios are:
  • Tutorial scenario
  • Shorter games
  • Traitor
  • Scalability: variable number of characters in play (one character for each player)
  • More ability game
  • Night-only scenarios

The 2nd Edition will be released with new scenarios in addition to the base campaign that was already so successful in 1st Edition.


Carnival Zombie 1st Edition was very successful. It sold out in just 3 months after its release in November 2013 and was very well received by gamers. So we immediately started planning for a 2nd Edition on which we wanted to improve our game, both in materials and contents.

Carnival Zombie impressed both gamers and publishers, many of whom we immediately started talking to about a co-production. Unfortunately publishers wanted to change the graphics of the game because they found our zombies too gruesome and grotesque. Believe us, we know Italian zombies really well and they aren’t cute at all! We like our zombies the way they are and most importantly, we think that they are perfectly themed for Carnival Zombie’s setting. So we don’t want to make them cute. But ALBE PAVO is a small studio and we simply do not have the resources necessary to publish a reasonable number of copies worldwide to reach all the customers who want our game. So we decided to go for a KICKSTARTER campaign.


Why should people who own the 1st Edition support the 2nd Edition KICKSTARTER campaign?

Because supporting this campaign will allow them to buy optional purchases which contain some stretch goals that will be unlocked with your help during the campaign.

We have a LOT of new content that we would like to unlock: objects, characters, bosses…


So there you are my friends. I have to say that the minis look pretty fab and the Italian take on Zombies is refreshing so be on the lookout as I think that you just may want to back this one.

For more information go to the Facebook page…

Here’s also TWITTER account:




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