Thunderbirds 50 Years: Co-Operative Board Game – 1st impressions solitaire


Thunderbirds 50 Years: Co-Operative Board Game – 1st impressions solitaire

The kind folks at Modiphius Games sent me a copy of the new Thunderbirds game designed by Matt Leacock and I told them that I wouldn’t be able to do a proper review as since moving to London, I don’t have a regular game group or gaming buddies local.

Having said that, I thought that I would give you my impressions having played it solitaire a number of times.

A design by Matt Leacock, who is a leading light in co-operative games, is pretty much a sure bet for a good game that can be played solitaire very well. I hope to play with my family now that I’ve got the game mechanics down.

TB2Thunderbirds fans will surely enjoy it. It looks great and has quality components including the Thunderbirds models, YAY! It brings the theme out very well. The characters are there as is the Hood and sense of impending doom from a continuous flow of disasters they just keep coming.


This is a tense game, similar to Matt’s game, Pandemic, and as the pressure ramps up and you are running out of options, it is stressful fun.

My sense is that you have to have the Virgil and Alan characters in the game as a minimum if you want to have a chance of winning. Getting the most out of Thunderbirds 2 (for transporting) and 3 (for space transfers of characters) is essential.

TB5Playing this game is a real balancing act and it will be with other players. Essentially you are mainly focused in countering disasters, conducting rescues and the like as you are coordinating how best to get the right characters with the right resources to the right location, at the right time. Sounds simple right?


The Disaster cards keep coming and you will need to plan ahead with the other players to optimise everyone’s turn. Each has its own level of threat and requirements to save the day.Mixed in the Disaster deck are cards the move The Hood along his track which brings with it the threat of 3 levels of increasing danger from his nefarious schemes.


You win by stopping the 3 schemes of The Hood. Trouble is, you have all of these other disasters to fend off. Its one thing to try this solitaire but it will be another with other players. We will have to listen to each other, plan well and coordinate effectively. I am really looking forward to more plays for sure.

All in all. I really like this game. It is a solid design, with lots of tension and fun. I highly recommend it for Thunderbirds fans!

Check out your local game shop or online suppliers for a copy or go straight to the publishers!

For more information go to Modiphius Games.





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