Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Please Support GameFe’, Newcastle’s New Game Cafe

GameFeBoardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Please Support GameFe’; Newcastle’s New Game Cafe

Tell you what, if I lived in the Newcastle area, this would be a second home for sure! Check out the Kickstarter project!

Newcastle is getting its first board game cafe; the first and only of its kind in the city, Newcastle-upon-tyne. Here is the details from their press release…

Right now GameFé, the first board game cafe in Newcastle, is announcing that they are currently on Kickstarter. GameFé is an important new venture in Newcastle because it is bringing a new industry to the city. A board game cafe is a place for people to unplug from their cellphones and walk away from the internet, to sit down with live people and spend some time together.


We offer a space for people to grab a board game, sit down in a warm and welcoming place and play. And while our customers are having fun they are filling their bellies from our range of international BBQ – recipes learned in China and family recipes from Texas.

Our clientele is not just just the hard core gamer that spends their Saturday nights playing Dungeons and Dragons.

  • We appeal to families who want to share the fun they had a child is not dated but has only gotten better.
  • We also appeal to young couples looking for a new option for date night that is engaging, fun and different.
  • We appeal to Seniors who are looking for a new activity and meeting place.

GameFé is the first of its kind in many ways. No where else in the city does a cafe offer anywhere close to a selection of board games or encourage patrons to spend hours on end playing and having fun. GameFé also is unique for its creative range of BBQ, with menu options that many have not tried, much less thought of. Have you ever heard seen or tasted BBQ cantaloupe, broccoli, or grilled watermelon? We also have have a classic range of BBQ meats & vegetables.

GameFé isn’t only about board games. We also have a selection of card games, table top role playing games, and puzzles. We feature large tables for playing games, small tables specifically designed for trading card games like Magic or Pokémon. We will also have custom vegas style poker tables and a “Lego” table will feature a trough of legos that are open to play!


Our GameFé project is currently looking to the community for funding. Our venture is made for the community and we have to look to the community for help. Right now GameFé is on Kickstarter where anyone can donate to the project. Funding this project is through selecting a reward tier, like a £10 pledge will yield BBQ and Dessertt for 2 or a £25 pledge will get a donor BBQ, drinks, popcorn, and a free T-Shirt! Pledges go as high as £100 to sponsor games, platefuls of BBQ, and an invite to the kickoff party! And no matter at what level you donate, your name will be put up on the website and/or the wall of our cafe so everyone will have the chance to appreciate their contribution.

GameFé is coming to Newcastle and will be changing the face of board games in the North. Board games are not just for kids, but for everyone. Visit our Kickstarter and help us out today.

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