Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter Spotlight – Check out Eternal Glory by Lewis Terry


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter Spotlight – Check out Eternal Glory by Lewis Terry

Welcome to a new paid promo feature here on Boardgames in Blighty – the Kickstarter Spotlight – where, for £10, I will be pointing at a project that I believe may be of interest. The stipulation is that – 1) I would definitely want to play the game and 2) I would potentially back it myself.

So it is great to start with a British project, I have to say as I want to support British projects which can help grow the British market.

Eternal Glory – a card game by Lewis Terry

This project has 26 days left to fund and is at 22% already.

The price for the core 53 card deck plus stretch goals is £10 plus postage. A nice price I would say. Kickstarter editions are going to be printed on linen card stock, which are very durable and hard wearing.

Here is the intro video from the Kickstarter project.

From the project page –

The last battle against the forces of darkness will be one that you won’t come back from. Being one of the mightiest warriors in the land it is time to prove your worth the only way you know how, in brutal bloody combat. In the frenzy of battle you will receive mortal blows but death can wait until after the battle. It is time to prove that you are the mightiest warrior that the world has ever seen; punch and cleave your way through the enemy forces and earn your mark in history.

Eternal Glory is a simple game to pick up but a greater depth comes with more plays. Hand management and timing are key elements to victory.

This is a card game which looks like it could be fun for families and for gamers looking for a short, competitive “take that” game.

The art is nicely done and I believe will attract a broad spectrum of ages. Here are some art samples to give you a flavour –



For further information to see if this is a project that you would like to consider backing, go to the Kickstarter project page here

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