Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Press release from 3DTotal – Escape the Nightmare


Escape the Nightmare

A frantic cooperative game about death and laughter.

After the success of Wizard’s Academy, art publisher 3DTotal and game designer Gregory Carslaw started looking for something to do while waiting for manufacturers and shipping companies to do their thing. They settled on challenging themselves to deliver an innovative, high quality card game for only £10.

Escape the Nightmare focuses rapidly trading thematic nightmares that force players to live with the side effects of their dreams. It features art from over 20 artists who have worked with 3DTotal before on the acclaimed Sketching from the Imagination series.

About the Game

In Escape the Nightmare you play as a group of friends trapped in a nightmare. You have all awoken in a fearsome landscape populated by your worst fears. One of them rises up, drinking in your anguish, and seeks to block your path, but you know that you must overcome it quickly. Something in here is after you. It’s coming. Run.

The game is played by trading nightmares with other players and attempting to form sets in order to defeat the wardens that have trapped you here. You must trade every few seconds or the thing pursuing you will catch up, but whenever you receive a card in trade it influences you. You may have difficulty communicating or trading with other players or you might be obliged to perform some action. Fail and doom your friends, succeed and buy another few precious seconds.

NOTE – This is for adults 18+

Number of Players: 3-8
Time Required: 10min
Recommended Ages: 18+
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