Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – New games that I find interesting… 01/06/15 – Push It, Waterloo, Empires at Sea, Ether Wars, Barking Up the Wrong Tree


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – New games that I find interesting… 01/06/15

So a little different take on my Kickstarter updates on new projects. One of the challenges of Kickstarter is that there are a LOT of new game projects, in fact, I would argue that there are too many to pay attention to. So I will give you my take on recently launched projects that I think deserve attention. I promise you that there won’t be many and I hope that this helps you in your decisions as to where to throw your cash.

Project Owners take note – If you want to get my attention, I’m not very impressed with the same old retread Zombies, Cthulhu, Sci-Fi, Fantasy stuff for the most part. There will be exceptions but not many. Games which are clearly all about the Miniatures tend to put me off as over-produced nonsense which are money-sinks. If you take the effort to make your project EU friendly I will be more likely to give it a look. And yes, I am partial to board war games.

So on to this week…


Push It

Push It is a 2 to 4 player skill game that you can play anywhere with a smooth table. Push your pucks closest to the jack to win!

Simple, yet obvious really. In fact you could do this with bottle caps really, but with nice wooden pieces, this looks like a fun social game. I saw it at UK Expo but didn’t stop to play as my thought was, yep that will be fun. £15 quid? Free post in the UK? No brainer really.


“Waterloo – Quelle Affaire!”

Waterloo – Quelle Affaire!, designed by Alessio Cavatore and illustrated by Peter Dennis, is a hex-based boardgame that allows two players to recreate what is arguably the most famous battle in history.

This one looks nice as for wargamers and the price is great.


Empires at Sea

Empires at Sea: An Epic duel across the Seven Seas. A game of trade, exploration, and war. And pirates. Don’t forget about pirates. EU friendly (thank you) and Historically based. Seems very playable. Yep, I like the look of this one.


Ether Wars

A RTS videogame experience translated to the tabletop! Live an epic conflict in a sci fi world. Be the champion of the Ether! This one looks interesting if you like RTS videogames. Reasonable price, very nice looking. Very transparent shipping fees. EU friendly.


Barking Up the Wrong Tree

A fun filled card game exploring the wacky world of dogs, cats and trees. I had a chance to demo this at UK Games Expo and its a solid, fun and social game with a fun theme.This one is another clever design from the Ragnar Brothers and deserves love. Great price. EU friendly. Again, a no brainer.