So why should you go to UK Games Expo next year?


So why should you go to UK Games Expo next year?

I had a great time at UK Games Expo 2015. It has been quite fantastic how the UK’s Premier Gaming Convention has grown and evolved from a small, rather claustrophobic affair, to a huge, game filled extravaganza which if this continues, will certainly be able to punch its weight against any of the major Conventions.

This year, the growth was obvious as a new dealer room was added to accommodate the demand of ever more publishers and retailers.

On the surface, UK Games Expo is an annual event celebrating Board Games. It is definitely a familiy affair with loads of opportunities for families to play new games together. Its also an opportunity for the board game playing community in the UK and beyond to meet up and play and socialise.

For me, it was an opportunity to get some game therapy and meet up with a lot of awesome people who I have made friends with and mostly only communicate with via Twitter.

Here are some reasons for you to go to UK Games Expo.

There are lots of open gaming tables although more space is really needed.
Star Wars Games!
In fact, there are tons of games for all tastes
Luchador! I had great fun running some demos and Andy here is an amazing demo guy
You can meet awesome publishers who are very friendly and fun! Like Ignacy from Portal Games
Awesome Steve from the Ragnar Brothers
The Looney’s from Looney Labs
Madcap Tony Boydell from Surprised Stare Games
Finding a gem of a game is always great. For me it was Colt Express.
And yes, you will find me there if you didn’t need any other reason 🙂

So why not come along next year? UK Games Expo will be expanding into the NEC in Birmingham next year so it will be even bigger!

Here is a link to the uK Games Expo website so you can get on their mailing list.

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