Boardgames in Blighty News – Mayfair Games releases Extra! Extra!


Boardgames in Blighty News – Mayfair Games releases Extra! Extra!

Extra Extra!

A game by Andrew Bond

For 2-5 players, 90-150 minutes, ages 12 and up

Game type: Worker placement, bidding


Stop the presses! Stories are coming in from around the world, but you have a limited amount of money, a few reporters, and a race against all the other newspapers to get your publication out first!

Stories require writing and photos, but advertising, headlines, interviews and features will all help boost your attention and your reputation!

Players place their reporters to claim stories, fit their stories into their paper’s layout, and get money from advertising or extra stories. Other reporters can bump yours if they have more money, so keeping a few dollars around will be helpful. Your newspaper has a specialty, so stories that match your readership will earn you more points. If you’re the first to press, you’ll score more points, but the best stories and the most complete newspaper will be the winner!


1 three panel double sided mounted board

94 Story tiles

54  Article cards

54 Photo cards

60 Feature cards

40 Coins/money

14 Morgue Photo Tiles

14 Morgue Article Tiles

6 double sided player boards

30 Player pieces – (5 each for 6 players)

Bonus Tokens

Gone to Press Bonus Tokens



MFG4135 Extra Extra™  $65.00

For 2-6 Players

Ages 12+

Playing Time 90 + minutes

UPC 0-29877-04135-0-06500

Case Pack 4

Designer:  Andrew Bond

Art: Andrew Bond

Made in the USA

Dimensions  11.625” x 9.375” x 3.125”

Copyright © 2015 Mayfair Games, Inc. “Flea Market,” the “Funfair” logo, the Fun Fair characters, and all title marks herein are trademark properties of Mayfair Games, Inc. All rights reserved.


One thought on “Boardgames in Blighty News – Mayfair Games releases Extra! Extra!”

  1. Please note that there are a couple of mistakes in the press release.

    The most important is: I (Andrew Bond) am NOT the artist for the game (I wish I had the talent!).

    Sceond, the game can be played by 2-6 and runs from 60-150 minutes.


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