Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter news 09/01/15 – If I had the cash, I’d look at…


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter news 09/01/15 – If I had the cash, I’d look at…

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything on Kickstarter that I could recommend.

DrCongo KS

Dr Congo by the Ragnar Bros.

Blighty’s own jolly good chaps, the Ragnar Bros are at it again with yet another unusual title.  although not overly fond of economic games, I admire the way the boys are not afraid to go with something unusual. They have a solid reputation for very solid games with historical and political flavour and I have no doubt that this is an interesting one.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the nineteenth most populous nation in the world with enough natural resources to rival the productive capacity of most First World countries. From the Belgian administration of King Leopold II through the torrid times of independence and the horrors of two ‘Congo’ wars, DR Congo has seen its vast economic potential wax and wane and its citizens become some of the poorest in the world.

You will play the part of an Industrial Baron whose longing to see your country rise up and take its rightful place in the world economy is so strong that you will commit your best endeavours to combat insurgents and develop the industrial might of DR Congo – you bring Hope out of Horror!

And it’s Euro friendly so to have a look!


12 Realms Ghost Town by Mage Company

The clever game 12 Realms gets an expansion with a twist and time is almost out on this one…

The epic journey continues as 12 Realms return with an expansion entitled Ghost Town! A new Realm is now challenging the Heroes of the Fairy world and you must be ready to face the dark forces lie hidden in it. In this realm there is no Town because the Dark Lords cursed it from this world and one of the Heroes is trapped in there.

Your object is to find the three missing items of the Marshall. You must complete this task before the Invasion Marker reaches number 16. When you find all the items the Town will appear once again and then you will be able to travel to that Realm and help the trapped Hero to defeat all the Invaders.

You must be very careful! The Ghost Town invaders have different abilities. As long as the Town is not visible you have to fight the ghost side of the Invaders!

This is an expansion for 12 Realms and is not a standalone item!

Errrr…. That’s all folks… 

No, I don’t buy into the hype about the Tiny Epic whatever games. They sound worth of a Yawn…

A ton of unoriginal or and uninteresting dross and some utter crap on Kickstarter nowadays for the most part which proves the rule that many people who think they can design a board game shouldn’t bother. Spare us people, really.

And Queen Games, as long as a big publisher like you continues use Kickstarter as a preorder service, I will rag on you. Jerks. Do it on your website and stop making it harder for small indies to get a look in. Interesting how you don’t have the cahones to be on twitter to face the music. Cowards.

Sorry folks. I love some of their games but Queen Games are not a friend of the indie market and that pisses me off. Grrrrrrr

I will state my prediction here, that 2015 will see a change in that less games will get funded. I think that many people are getting tired of all that bad games and unfinished games that have gotten stupid money thrown at them and the knee jerk reaction of backing something will reduce significantly. Interesting times ahead.



4 thoughts on “Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter news 09/01/15 – If I had the cash, I’d look at…”

  1. Never can understand why you rail against Queen Games, there using kickstarted has no effect on other projects ( if they stop funding of another game that would happen wether they use KS or there preorder) and at least they are promoting real games not the disasters that are on KS


    1. Fair comment Michael and I’m certainly not the only one giving Queen Games a hard time. Not that they even care. To me its unfair competition which can damage the indy market where there is no need. Queen Games doesn’t need Kickstarter for a preorder service as their brand, size and market position would make it easy for them to use their own marketing and website. I would argue that by using KS, they effectively distract funding that tbh could give a good indy game a shot and they would get it anyway through a preorder.

      To be fair, they aren’t all disasters on Kickstarter. Gems have come through and some publishers who we now accept as established might not be where they are now without KS. Having had 2 games published by Indies, I have a strong appreciation just how difficult it is for them. Thankfully, the likes of FFG have no need for KS and I would respect Queen Games if they showed respect for the indy platform that KS was meant to be.

      Its certainly not the end of the world or anything. Just doesn’t sit right with me and others. At the very least, they could respond as to their business case for using. Their silence seems like arrogance to me.

      I’ve only scratched the surface regarding Queen Games on KS. This thread seems to indicate that they are giving Game Salute a run for their money in terms of failure to deliver…


    1. This is real problem. And I think that a lot of people are now hesitant to back projects. At any given time you can now see that many games will fail to fund as the consumers are becoming more savvy. Well most are , anyway. There are a lot of poor projects. Even projects that had a huge following last year turned out to have huge problems. Myth, for example was clearly not playtested.


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