Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter news 23/11/14 – If I had the cash I’d look at…


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter news 23/11/14 – If I had the cash I’d look at…

The best I can do are a couple of “maybes” this week, sorry, but its quite an uninspiring week for new projects…



Infiltration, combat and sabotage! Team up with friends and perform daring raids behind the enemy lines.

Looks fun for us war gamers although I’m not so sure about its staying power as I suspect that it will become samey. What I don’t like are all of the expansions that are dangled out there for a lot more money in a zombicide kind of way.  Sorry guys but that is off-putting. It tells me that you had a complete game to offer and are parting out bits of it to drive the cash. So the core game will probably feel incomplete.

Hmmm… not sure its worth a it after all but maybe some of you will want to take a gander.



Be a Viking! Fight Giants! Defeat Loki & Survive Ragnarok! Runecast is a 30-90 minute board game for 2-6 players willing to tempt fate!

Yeah I like my dice of course and Vikings are cool so this co-op game could be fun but I don’t like projects with early pledge deals which cuts me out because I didn’t have a chance to look at it earlier. Note to project owners, this pisses people off.

Also, the turn play video has a seemingly throw-away comment that whatever house rules you come up with regarding the order that you face the Gods could make if more fun for you. Should I be worried that the games is too samey that it needs house rules?

Not too sure…



One thought on “Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter news 23/11/14 – If I had the cash I’d look at…”

  1. Hey Riv

    The reason I threw in the comment about the house rules was so that people would understand that I want you to take Runecast and if it’s too hard for you, it’s O.K. to get rid of the death token mechanic. It’s fine to come back again and again, until you get the strategy down. Don’t think of it as cheating. Make it a house rule so that you can enjoy the game.

    I know we had to ditch the 1 Death Token rule the first few times we took on Ragnarok during play testing.

    The House Rules aren’t because the game is too ‘samey’ but because I think you should be able to modify any game you own to make it more enjoyable for your group, and I want you to do it with Runecast, knowing that I think it’s awesome!

    Thanks for checking out the project!




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