Spiele-Offensive Crowdfunding News – Kronberger Spiele launches Nord

Spiele-Offensive Crowdfunding News – Kronberger Spiele launches Nord

Kind of like buses, after not seeing Viking themed games for a while, now we have yet another. This one is Euro-Friendly.

Over 1000 years ago in the far north lived an infamous group of men: Vikings. They spread fear and terror, and brought entire kingdoms to their knees. But before any of that was possible, they first had to unite their homeland under one banner …

Vikings, Jarls and Mead – the good old days

In Nord you lead a group of Vikings battling for supremacy of your homeland, the Lofoten Islands, a small archipelago in the northwest of present-day Norway. But the defenses of the opposing Jarls (the viking ruling class) will not be so easy to overcome. Alliances with other settlements will be required, perhaps later allowing the Jarl to be “disposed of”.

Or will you focus more on resources – gathering wood, ore, or treasures in order to gain important victory points. But you also can’t ignore the legendary Jarls like Ragnar, Floki, Thorstein and Eirik, any of whom could thwart your plans.

For experienced gamers who love strategy and tactics

Whether as farmers, fishermen or warriors, you’ll have to use your men at the right time in the right places – without relying on luck. Nord is a superb tactics and strategy game, and is not a game that is overly complicated or that gives you no important decisions. The game mechanics are easy to learn and offer plenty of choices and depth of tactics, with luck playing only a minor role.

Experienced gamers will find much to love in this game. Whether through the variable board layout, or the special Jarls like Ragnar and Floki, you’ll always have new challenges to face.

Here are some of the things that make Nord such a noteworthy game:

  • deep strategy and little luck
  • exciting theme
  • simple mechanics, but many choices
  • multiple ways to earn victory points
  • high replayability through a variable board layout
  • over 100 Meeples!

Only with your support, however, will Nord be the next game from Kronberger Spiele. Despite our past successes, completely financing the game won’t be possible without your help.

Find the project here –



4 thoughts on “Spiele-Offensive Crowdfunding News – Kronberger Spiele launches Nord”

  1. This is the same venue and on the heels of VPG’s 2014 “Villainous Vikings,” which is already undergoing a 2nd edition revision. This one looks more “Euro” (meeples, variable map) and it’s too early to compare game mechanics.


      1. No, but I’m on the wait list for the 2nd Edition! Looks like there are pros and cons between the two (the 1st Edition map looks nicer), but the 2nd Edition should benefit from a little more playtesting…


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