News – Canopy Walk from TF Verlag UG on Kickstarter


News – Canopy Walk from TF Verlag UG on Kickstarter

Yep, this looks like my kind of Euro Game. Check it out on Kickstarter now!

It is the year 1922. Recent rumours have it, that a very rare source of red diamonds has been discovered somewhere deep inside the Yungas tropical rainforest, in Valle Grande, Jujuy, Argentina. Though all coloured diamonds are incredibly rare, none are more so than the red diamond. Less than 20 exist today and most weigh less than half a carat. Based on these rumours the two largest Diamond Jeweller’s Corporations in the world, each send an explorer team on site.

Their route starts in southern Argentina, Buenos Aires, and leads them, first by plane, then by bus, and finally by boat all the way up Rio Paraná, to the north of Argentina and the borders of Valle Grande. It is only when the waters get too shallow and the brush too thick to continue by boat, that the teams realize the jungle crawls with creatures such as crocodiles, snakes, pumas, and jaguars. But the worst of all are the piranhas that infest the swampy jungle rivers. By now the teams cannot go back, so the only means of safely venturing further into the jungle is by building canopy walks to claim square by square of Valle Grande!



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