News – Shenandoah Studios joins the friends of Boardgames in Blighty


News – Shenandoah Studios joins the friends of Boardgames in Blighty

I am proud and honoured to add Shenandoah Studio to my list of awesome “Friends of Boardgames in Blighty” which includes brilliant game publishers, Victory Point Games, Columbia Games and Backspindle Games (see the links on the left-hand column).

Hang on, this is a board gaming blog right?

Well indeed it is, but there’s always an exception and Shenadoah Studio is exactly that. A wonderful exception and here is why –

From the website –Shenandoah is a development studio focused on turn-based strategy games for the iPad. We bring decades of experience in game and interface design, graphic production, and software development to the unique challenges and opportunities of this wonderful gaming platform.

These guys are experienced war gamers, creating awesome war games for the ipad and with designers including some of whom that will be familiar to us war gamers, its no wonder that the games already published are excellent.

Some of the designers that I am familiar with include: John Butterfield, Joe Miranda, Darwin Leviloff, Eric Lee Smith, Ted Raicer, Nick Karp and Mark Herman, a veritable who’s who of veteran war game designers.

So far, Shenandoah Studio have published Battle of the Bulge,…

Drive on Moscow…

and they now have a new release – Desert Fox – The Battle of El Alamein.…

Next up will be Gettysburg – The Tide Turns.

I highly recommend that if you have an ipad, you must purchase these awesome games.

Check them out at –

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