News – Desert Fox from Shenandoah Studio now available for the iPad

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Press release from Shenandoah Studio   Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein

Can you outwit the Desert Fox?

Now on iPad Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein is a new historical strategy game from the award‐winning creators of Battle of the Bulge.Through fast, turn‐based

gameplay, players take command of this turning point of WW2.

Desert Fox puts you in the shoes of Monty and Rommel in their grand dance across

the desert.

Hold the line as the Commonwealth or push for Cairo as the Axis. Players command

pieces that represent actual military units on a detailed battlefield map. Desert Fox,

designed specifically for iOS, features award‐winning UI design and leverages

touch controls, Game Center, and more.

Combat 2

A Grand Campaign Battle across a grand campaign as commander, making key choices and controlling the final engagement. Horde supplies In the oppressive

heat of the desert, water and ammunition are in short supply.

Plan each attack with care! Take the Battle anywhere with challenging AI opponents,

face-to-face games, and Game Center online, you can enjoy Desert Fox on the go or

in long sessions.

Accessible to Rookies and Veterans a tutorial, full rules, and online forums help you learn to play and explore the game’s subtleties.

Honoring History

Included historical commentary sets the stage, describing the situation, generals, and

weaponry from the conflict.

Stand Together

Desert Fox features online game chat, player rankings, and options to share your

battles on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Bradley Cummings



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