News -Albe Pavo’s Matteo Santus talks about Archean

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Albe Pavo’s Matteo Santus talks about Archean

And now for something completely different… Archean

I asked Matteo Santus to give us an overview of the design process for Archean which his company, Albe Pavo hopes to bring to Kickstarter.
“About a year ago the ancient Gods came into a dream of mine and spoke to me, asking to bring back the ancient world to people, a world of the Archeanic era…”

Ok: I’m not a prophet, it was a joke. I always asked myself how could it be to have players building their own world and populate it? So an idea came to me: what better than plasticine to do the job? I talked about my idea to my design partner, Jocularis, he showed me his suggestions and Archean was born!

We wanted to design a game in which each player really shaped his world like a God of Ancient time.

In Archean, at first, each player starts the game by working on their Cosmic board, lost in the sea of primordial chaos. Then the Pangea comes, all boards unite and different people worshipping different Gods come together: so each God has to fight to defend its world to be the only God remaining on the now united Earth!!! And of course, you can’t forget your champion in this epic war… the Archean!!! Each player will have their Archean Avatar which embodies their the world and they will give him shape!!!

Archeantabletop1  Archeantabletop3

The game is really different from every other game because you literally SHAPE your own worlds, building it in completely different ways, having to manage the primordial clay, which is limited, and having to relate with the physical qualities of the plasticine to build a 3-dimensional, always-different, world populated with your worshippers!

The game has changed over and over since the beginning, as is usual in the first development stage. We have worked to keep it more straightforward and simple, but still very challenging in the tactics.

Archean_Foto_05_2014_AK_0039 Archean_Foto_05_2014_AK_0103

Now the game is going into the final design stage. In the current stage of development, Archean lasts about 1 hour – half for creation phase, half for destruction phase.

The greatest feat in designing such a game was discovering how to exploit the plasticine peculiarity and of course, at a more material level, to coordinate a production with so many different (and particular) components: card, wood, cloth, plexiglass and plasticine. You cannot imagine how hard it is to find components complying with all laws and regulations and still of high quality!

The Archean project is quite ambitious. We are designing 2 completely different base game sets and 3 expansions. We really love this game and would like to do it to be the best, but we are a small company, so we would like to try the Kickstarter way to raise funds to allow us to produce Archean.

I will be glad to talk with you soon with other more detailed news about the game!

Matteo Santus


I don’t know about you, but I am fascinated to see how the Albe Pavo boys will progress Archean to be ready for publication.


Here is the Albe Pavo website –

Also check out their Archean Facebook pages

Here’s ALBE PAVO link:
And also you can follow the boys on Twitter – @albepavo

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