Kickstarter news 25/5/14 – If I had the money I would have a look at…


Kickstarter news 25/5/14 – If I had the money I would have a look at…



LUCHADOR! Mexican Wrestling Dice 2nd edition – Backspindle Games

Shameless self-promotion time…

This project goes live on Tuesday so GET IN THERE!


The high-flying hit of Essen 2013 is back to create a hard-hitting second edition! Lay the smackdown on some of Lucha Libre’s finest!

Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice brings the flamboyant and colorful world of Lucha Libre Wrestling to your gaming table.

The first edition was launched last October at Spiel in Essen where it rose quickly into the top 30 on the Boardgamegeek GeekBuzz listings for most popular game, eventually finishing twenty-sixth out of over 600 new releases at the event.

That first edition is now close to selling out and we’ve been listening to the exciting feedback from Luchador! players around the world as well as working with the designer Mark Rivera to make the game even better.



I will put up the Kickstarter link on Tuesday when it goes live





Alexander vs. Persia: Battleground Historical Warfare – YourMove Games

Having played and enjoyed previous sets in the Battleground Historical Warfare series, this is a slam dunk winner definitely worth your pledge if you like war games.

Recreate Alexander’s invasions of the Persian Empire using the Battleground Fantasy Warfare system.

Take up the mantle of command of the most famous war in history.  Become Alexander as he conquers the largest empire in the world or lead the mighty Persian army in hurling back that upstart princeling from a backwater kingdom.

Alexander vs Persia is the second historical expansion for the award-winning Battleground system.  This product include two new factions:  Alexander’s army of Macedonian pikemen, cavalry, & Greek allies vs the Persian forces levied from every corner of the empire.  Each faction has its own units, unique faction abilities, and a deck of Command Cards.

Alexander vs Persia is fully compatible with all Battleground historical and fantasy armies.  Hannibal’s infantry can face Alexander’s Companions to see which is history’s greatest general.  Bring the thousand nations of Persia crashing down on Scipio’s legions.  Or have Alexander’s army invade the Dwarven homelands and battle the nightmarish Undead hordes.



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