News – A Sneak Preview of Archean, a 3D Civ building board game from Albe Pavo

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News – A Sneak Preview of Archean, a 3D Civ building board game from Albe Pavo


You know what I mean. When you are in awe of creative minds spewing out jaw-dropping ideas in board games that just blow you away.

One of the more creative game design teams in the industry IMHO are the awesome guys from Italy’s Albe Pavo who have given us such creative and fun games such as Munera: Familia GladiatoriaSake & Samurai and Beer & Vikings, and more recently their creative awesome story telling game Winter Tales (which has been picked up by FFG) as well as Carnival Zombie. And they are at it again…

This time, they want you to get your hands dirty… well, in fact, to literally and physically build your Civilisation.

Can you say plasticine?

Well, with their latest game project which is in development, you will be using plasticine to create your world!

I had a chat with Matteo from Albe Pavo and he told me that…

– every player will be an ancient God shaping his world and fighting for it in a way never seen before
– the world will be shaped by the players themselves
Archean will be a game designed for everyone to be enjoyed at different levels from families at the basic level to seasoned gamers who want to create a powerful civilisation.
Archean will provide you with suggested sketches and photos to give you an idea of how you can create your civilisation. Have a look at the first images that I have received to give you an idea of what to expect…
A City
Città perdutacittaperdutai
A Dwarven Fortress
Dwarf fortressFortezzaNanica
An Oracle
Lots of interesting art will be included to set the tone for the fantasy theme.
strumento divino
Watch this space for more information as I receive it as well as the Albe Pavo website.

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