Kickstarter update – If I had the cash, I’d probably look into…


Kickstarter update – If I had the cash, I’d probably look into…

So I had another browse on Kickstarter today and as usual, the same old game themes are way over represented (Pirates, Cthuluhu, Fantasy Monster thumping, Zombies… yawn) but here is what actually looks interesting…



Worthington Games‘ game, 1776 looks pretty good to this wargamer’s eyes.

New York 1776 is a Revolutionary War game that allows you to replay the campaign around New York City. Save the revolution or crush it.

We are hoping to fund this project to produce this great game.  The game uses blocks as your military units and leaders.  You get to be George Washington as you maneuver your soldiers around New York during 1776 trying to out maneuver General Howe and his British Regulars, Hessian Mercenaries, and the always powerful British Navy.

The game is designed by Mike Wylie and Grant Wylie who designed the Revolutionary War classic Hold The Line.  Play is within 2 hours.  Comes with game board, blocks,  2 sets of labels, rules, dice, and battle board.

Have a look –


Seven Swords by GenX Games

A bit of a cheat, as I have a copy of this awesome game based on the Seven Samurai that I picked up at Essen and did a review here –

Seven swords. Seven brave samurai. Will you help the villagers fend off the bandits, or will you command the thieves to rob and punish?

Find the project here –

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