April 2014 on Kickstarter – If I had the cash (which I don’t), here’s what I would look into


April 2014 on Kickstarter – If I had the cash (which I don’t), here’s what I would look into…

Kickstarter is an interesting place and certainly has had an impact on the world of hobby board and card games. I am generally quite neutral about it as with the rare exception, there have only been very few games that have caught my interest, and even then, even fewer which have been affordable from the UK so I tend to be an observer.

Having said that, Backspindle Games will be launching the 2nd edition of my game Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice on Kickstarter soon so I will indeed be shamelessly promoting it and of course YOU WILL WANT TO BACK IT WON’T YOU? OF COURSE YOU WILL…

I digress…

Anyhoo, I thought that it might be a good idea to occasionally let you know if I’ve spotted anything that might be interesting on Kickstarter that I would look into if I had the cash.




This is a project from the guys who produced Police Precinct which has received good feedback. It looks like a fun, social game and makes a nice change from most of the game themes on KS.




Sentinel Tactics: The Flames of Freedom

I really like Sentinels of the Multiverse so this is a no brainer.



Yep that’s about it for now anyway… No Zombies, No Cthulhu, No Fantasy games. Yawn…



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