News – El Generale – is live on Kickstarter



News – El Generale – is live on Kickstarter

This isn’t an endorsement but I thought that I would share something a bit different for a change on Kickstarter which you may want to have a look at…

El Generale is a light fictional Euro war game set in the modern era. Players are leaders of small countries, that want to reach a certain position on the international scene. It seems to evoke Risk, perhaps Diplomacy with a touch of Junta and should be very interactive. 

From the KS page – 

The main goal is to accumulate the most money at the end of the sixth turn of the game.

Every player starts with his own country, the same amount of money, people and the same infrastructure. And of course a handful of Generals for their army. During the game each player has to invest in the military strength (defense and offense), transportation and hospitals to see his country grow.

Attacking other players weakens their ability to generate money. But no one should forget about defense. Player’s army is made of people moved from different regions to the attack or defense formations. During the battle, there are Generals, that can lead soldiers by adding their strength to the army.

The other possibility to attack other players is to send the bombers. But bombs can be stopped by the AA missiles set in the attacked country.

El Generale is fast paced, and it encourages aggressive style of play. Although there is player elimination mechanic, there is also protection from being ganged up on by all other players.

If you are interested in finding out more about this project, co to –





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