Press release from Columbia Games – Victory in Europe


Columbia Games next wargame release will be Victory in Europe, designed by Ron Draker.  This amazing block game captures the entire war in Europe in fast-paced experience. The game begins in late 1939 and ends up to six years later with five (5) game turns each year. Game time is 4-6 hours.

The game is played on a large round map of Europe that spans the continent from the Spain to the Caspian Sea and from North Africa to Norway. The game employs many of the proven mechanics in other Columbia block games with innovative leader rules and a card deck that elegantly handles history of the whole war.
VIE map   VIE counters

The cards are the heart of the game and subtly pack a lot of historical feel into the game without heavy rules. Each side has its own deck of cards sorted by year from 1939 to 1945. At the start of a year players add the next year’s cards to their draw pile, shuffle, and deal five cards each. The Axis start the war with more powerful cards than the Allies but, as the war goes on, the Axis draw pile is diluted with weaker cards, while the Allied draw pile grows stronger.

VIE card 1

A Kickstarter campaign is planned to begin soon and release is targeted for V. E. Day  (May 8th, 2014)

Get excited!



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