GenCon 2013 observations through BGG TV and social media



GenCon 2013 observations through BGG TV and social media

Ok so I am not at GenCon. Grrr….. Tough on the budget living in ol Blighty and planning to attend Essen in any case. But through the wonder of the internet, I can keep up on what’s going on and so I thought I’d make a few observations.

1) It has never been better to observe GenCon from afar. Twitter is on fire with regular posts, and photos and there are lots of wonderful geeks gaming their hearts out and terrific looking new games released by excellent publishers large and small. Btw, if you aren’t on Twitter yet and need to catch up, feel free to follow me – my handle is @blightygamer.

2) BGG TV continues to be an excellent way to see live introductions of the hot new games!

Go here –

Highlights for me that stand out are Antoine Bauza’s Rampage and a few games from AEG including Agent Hunter, and Jason Tagmire’s Maximum Throwdown. Why? because they were different, creative and looked fun.

Yes, Firefly, the Game which goes on worldwide distribution by October, looks good, will probably be overpriced, but not special, other than its about Firefly which should be enough.

Other than that, from what I did see, too many other games were un-original and same old…


Note to designers and publishers – On my limited budget and time, you need to grab my attention if you want my cash. Re-hashing the same old tired themes like zombies and super-heroes just doesn’t do it. I understand though that you need to create what sells.

Now where was that Zombie Super-Hero prototype that I was working on…

3) From what I can see, GenCon has good attendance but it doesn’t seem to be heaving with wall to wall people as Essen always is. But having said that, the enthusiasm is wonderful to see. Great for our hobby!

4) Cosplay peeps are minimal and to be honest, it just doesn’t belong and looks out of place. Its about playing games people.

5) Let’s be clear here. GenCon is probably the best 4 days of gaming anywhere in terms of the balance of events, vendors, etc. but from what I’ve seen, there is still a long way to go to broaden it’s appeal to the mainstream. It still looks like a geekfest. This is where Essen scores big due to the family appeal in Germany.

Well, I will try and check in today and tomorrow and see if there are any more tasty games that I might want…

Later dudes


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