News – Check out FiSH DeCK on Kickstarter!



News – Check out FiSH DeCK on Kickstarter!

Hey guys, here is another Kickstarter game project that you may want to have a look at. Its called FiSH DeCK and looks like a nifty little family game.

Here’s a note from the project owner Joey Andrews.

My project is a family card game called FiSH DeCK. I’ve designed a deck of cards that’s versatile for gameplay. I want people to be able to play several different games with it. I’m illustrating all the cards with strange and funny character fish. The main rules for the game play a little like the old card game Tonk(Trunk). It’s a quick game and it’s fun. I like pointing out that the cards look really damn good, even if I am patting myself on the back.


Fish 3

Little kids can play it, old ladies can play it. Everyone can have fun with it. Except maybe infants and the invalid. is the game website. Once you see it, you’ll quickly understand what I’m doing with the game. You can get to the kickstarter and facebook page from there, too. All the rules that we’ve developed so far are listed on the kickstarter page.


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