News – Camelot PRESS RELEASE – Montenotte


News – Camelot PRESS RELEASE – Montenotte

Montenotte is the first game in the (N)SB series.
Napoleonic Small Battles  is an easy to learn game system designed to encourage historically accurate play. Chit pull activation along with modest movement point allowances and the changing in all values due the different formation used, generates a highly interactive game based on a ceaseless C3I circle where commanders can be used to command units on the map or to rally “eliminated” units around the flag. Players can use the different formations and skirmish capabilities of the light infantry units as well.
In N-SB, players maneuver tactical units (infantry battalions, artillery batteries and cavalry regiments) through 300 meters wide hexagons in turns that span half an hour each. Each combat value point represents about 200 infantrymen or 100 horsemen while artillery values depend on caliber, number of the guns and artillerymen. Commanding officers counters includes their staff.
An innovative combat system makes a wise use of formations, skirmish units and enemy battleground.
The game offers a short scenario for the first day battle and four different ones for the second day: from the Austrian historical “impossible to win” deployment to the “All in!” one where players suppose that Argenteau hadn’t chosen a moronic conduct of the battle, that Kukurina, his best officer, wasn’t wounded in the last first day assault and that all his division units were ready to fight and not dispersed in a 30 Km range.
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