News – Wizard Kings sale at



News – Wizard Kings sale at


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Applies to the Wizard Kings base game, Heroes and Treasures and Ancient Kings expansions armies and Mapsets.

Valid through June 30th.

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Victory Point Games PRESS RELEASE – Abandon Earth and Swytch (BGO series #1 and #2) are now on sale!


Victory Point Games PRESS RELEASE – Abandon Earth and Swytch (BGO series #1 and #2) are now on sale!

VPG proudly introduces the first two games in the Bagged Game Originals (“BGO“) series, Abandon Earth and Swytch!

A BGO game is available only in a bag, and at an even more affordable price than our other bagged games. Not to be confused with our Gold Banner Games, BGO games often have a small rulebook, a small sheet of counters, and an 8.5″x11″ paper map (if applicable).

Abandon Earth

Abandon Earth, by designer Tom Decker, is a multiplayer game in which you aim to get your people to a new world that they can call home. Manage your actions wisely by searching for survivors, researching new technology, training and sending off marines to fight back, and launching rockets containing the last remaining survivors of Planet Earth. Score more Victory Points before everyone else and declare yourself (and your people) victorious!

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Swytch, the second in the BGO series by designer Nathan Hansen, is a symmetrically balanced abstract strategy game for 2 players. Each player has two types of Counters: Hexagonal and Circular. Hexagonal counters can move in 3 directions, while Circular counters can move in all 6 directions.

Each player tries to outmaneuver and eliminate all of the opposing player’s pieces on the board. To do this, they can do one of three things on their turn. They can either: Move/Attack with a counter or stack of counters, prepare a stack of Hexagonal counters for an advanced move with changing directions, or “Swytch” (i.e., change the orientation of a Stack of Hexagonal counters, and thus what directions they can move). Every time that a player attacks with a stack of counters, they MUST also Swytch with that stack immediately after.

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News – Camelot PRESS RELEASE – Montenotte


News – Camelot PRESS RELEASE – Montenotte

Montenotte is the first game in the (N)SB series.
Napoleonic Small Battles  is an easy to learn game system designed to encourage historically accurate play. Chit pull activation along with modest movement point allowances and the changing in all values due the different formation used, generates a highly interactive game based on a ceaseless C3I circle where commanders can be used to command units on the map or to rally “eliminated” units around the flag. Players can use the different formations and skirmish capabilities of the light infantry units as well.
In N-SB, players maneuver tactical units (infantry battalions, artillery batteries and cavalry regiments) through 300 meters wide hexagons in turns that span half an hour each. Each combat value point represents about 200 infantrymen or 100 horsemen while artillery values depend on caliber, number of the guns and artillerymen. Commanding officers counters includes their staff.
An innovative combat system makes a wise use of formations, skirmish units and enemy battleground.
The game offers a short scenario for the first day battle and four different ones for the second day: from the Austrian historical “impossible to win” deployment to the “All in!” one where players suppose that Argenteau hadn’t chosen a moronic conduct of the battle, that Kukurina, his best officer, wasn’t wounded in the last first day assault and that all his division units were ready to fight and not dispersed in a 30 Km range.
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News – You can still preorder Napoleon from Columbia Games


You can still PreOrder Napoleon

A new 4th edition, funded on Kickstarter, will be available in June 2013.

If you missed the Kickstarter period, you can still preorder the deluxe game directly from Columbia Games until June 3, 2013.

This PREORDER edition is the same as the Kickstarter version except it will not be signed.

PreOrder now. Offer expires June 3, 2013