Out of nowhere comes Carnival Zombie from Albe Pavo and we have an introduction to whet your appetite!



Out of nowhere comes Carnival Zombie from Albe Pavo and we have an introduction to whet your appetite!

Ok, another Zombies game is in the works but this one definitely sounds different! Here is an introduction from the guys from Albe Pavo to get you interested and as the rules become available, I will be doing a preview.

This is the introduction to Carnival Zombie!

The ancient manuscripts speak of a Leviathan. A huge creature lying on the muddy bottom of the Lagoon and on whose back rests the foundation of the city. All manuscripts agree about his eternal sleep and they tell that the beast will wake up one day, shaking the city from its muddy roots, smashing the petrified piles on which it stands and crashing it into the seething sea where the monster will rise. The ancients say, however, that there will be signs. It is written that the Venetians will feel the tremors, that they would therefore save themselves from the monster, who will recover his freedom plunging into the waves with the deserted city.

But there were no signs. What the ancients did not know, is that the Leviathan is not alive. For centuries, the city lived and prospered on the back of a corpse. Now that corpse began to awake. And with it the dead arise from the Lagoon.

In CARNIVAL ZOMBIE Players lead a group of Characters fleeing to the mainland, away from the terror emerging from the Lagoon. CARNIVAL ZOMBIE is a cooperative game where players win or lose together as the enemy is the game itself.

The Group of Characters must make their way through hordes of rotting “Infected” to leave the city. Players must, however, make haste: the Leviathan, upon which the foundations of Venice are built, is awakening and it is only a matter of time before the city sinks in the dark waters of the Lagoon.

Each game is divided into several nights and days. During the nights, Players will fortify behind the Barricades to resist the attacks of the Infected. They will instead move through the city shaken by tremors during the day, when the Infected are recalled by the groans of the Leviathan into the abyss, to help their master freeing himself from rotting piles that nail him to the muddy bottom.

Players will have several ways to get out of town, but little time to do it. And their path is hindered by the Boss, the most implacable servants of Leviathan.

If the Players get out, they can assess their skills by counting the points scored during the game.


Interesting… I look forward to hearing more about Carnival Zombie.


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