My first published game Ace of Spies is here!


My first published game, Ace of Spies is here!

Well what do you know! I finally got my copies of Ace of Spies. You can order it on and Albino Dragon are trying to get it onto Amazon UK.



Players act as spymasters, collecting sets of cards in order to complete missions. Only the greatest player will be declared The Ace Of Spies!

By taking two cards at the start of each turn, you’ll build up a selection of Agents, Tools, Intelligence and Locations that will allow you to hopefully finish more missions than everyone else. More missions mean more points – as long as they’re complete! If they’re left incomplete by the end of the game, etc.

Between two and five spymasters can attempt to become the Ace of Spies! May the most devious and sneaky win!


If you like games with backstabbing, and random surprises, with swings of fortune, depending when and how you play your cards, you should enjoy it.


Many thanks to the folks at Albino Dragon and my good buddy and co-designer Michael Fox for making it happen.

Here are a few pics for you all! Hope you enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed designing it.





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