Exciting Kickstarter news for Wargamers! – Columbia Games wants to produce a five star, 4th edition of the game Napoléon


Exciting Kickstarter news for Wargamers!

– Columbia Games wants to produce a five star, 4th edition of the game Napoléon

Ok, so here’s the deal…

Columbia Games, makers of fine block war games, is going for the gusto and producing a special 5-star 4th edition of Napoleon by raising funds on Kickstarter and boy does it sound sweet! I have no doubt at all that this project will more than achieve its target for this classic game. This is going to be a Rolls Royce production for sure!


From their Kickstarter page…

The 200th anniversary of Waterloo occurs in June 2015 and we think the time has come to produce a new 4th edition of this great game.  We need your support to make it something very special.

The 4th edition of Napoléon will contain the following upgrades from previous editions:

  • Deluxe Mounted Mapboard, 22″ x 25″.
  • Large 24mm hardwood blocks.
  • Two color copies of the rules per game.  Both copies will be signed and numbered. Sample rules available at: www.columbiagames.com/napoleon
  • Larger tactical maps.
  • Two color Order of Battle Charts. The Order of Battle is similar to that found in the first edition.
  • 8 quality dice (4 red and 4 blue). 

IMPORTANT:  most upgrades are for the Kickstarter version only.  Copies of the game produced for later sale will not have the deluxe mounted map, signed extra rules, or extra dice.


A fantastic pledge level open to 16 backers is a special tour of the Waterloo battlefield in time for the 200th anniversary of the famous battle. Check this out –

Pledge $1,295 or more…

Four day, 200th anniversary tour of the Waterloo Campaign area in 2015. Game designer and historian Tom Dalgliesh will be your guide. Tour will include visits to the battlefields of Quatre Bras and Ligny (June 16), Wavre (June 17) and Waterloo (June 18). Includes hotels (4 nights), all meals, museum fees, and transportation each day of the tour. You must pay your own way to Brussels, where we will gather on June 15 at a hotel to be determined. Tour ends June 19 in Brussels from where you may wish to continue your European vacation to Flanders Fields, Verdun, Normandy, Battle of the Bulge, or wherever. NOTE: Pledge also includes one copy of the deluxe game to be shipped in June 2013 with FREE postage anywhere in the world.

If you are a war gamer, a fan of block war games, a fan of an earlier edition of Napoleon, I heartily recommend that you check out this fantastic Kickstarter project.

So if you want in on this great project, go to the Kickstarter page –



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