Victory Point Games Press Release – Duel of Eagles is now available!


Victory Point Games Press Release – Duel of Eagles is now available!

The Battle of Mars-la-tour, 1870

Duel of Eagles, by designer Hermann Luttmann, is a two-player game from White Dog Games. This game depicts the entirety of the remarkable battle of Mars-La-Tour in 1870. One player represents Moltke’s forces marching under the banner of the Prussian Eagle, still confident from their decisive victory over the Austrians at Koniggratz in 1866. The other player commands the proud French forces fighting under the Imperial Eagle of another, but ultimately lesser, Napoleon.

The players must contend with a very unusual military situation since strategic circumstances created an encounter that began as a lopsided meeting engagement and ended as a brutal slugfest, inflicting more than 30,000 casualties on the participants.

Players will have many critical decisions to make while the battle ebbs and flows throughout the course of the game. As the Prussian player, are you up to the challenge of fighting a delaying action against the entire French Army until all your forces arrive on the field of battle? As the French player, can you break out of the trap and bring glory back to the Empire? Play Duel of Eagles and find out!

Duel of Eagles is printed by Victory Point Press for White Dog Games.


Click here for all the details and to order Duel of Eagles.

– Victory Point Games

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