A little more detail about the Firefly games…


Here are a couple of quotes from Toy Vault I’ve pulled from FB and Boardgamegeek…

From Toy Vault’s FB page regarding the Firefly games…

“We’re glad everyone is so excited! As dedicated fans of the show ourselves, we’re committed to making products that will make fans happy. For those concerned, our games will cover a broad range in complexity; from simple, fun-for-the-whole-family games to more intricate, hobby-level games. The ‘Verse is in good hands!”

And from a Boardgamegeek Forum thread –

“Just thought I’d throw some facts out here.

We announced the license today, but have been pursuing the license for awhile. We have one game currently in the design pipeline, which will probably be released in the summer. It is a 30 minute co-op card game.

We are actively looking for additional games that are designed for the license, or will mesh well with the license. Drop us a line at staff@toyvault.com if you have the next great Firefly board game.

There is no current plans to do a trivia game.

While we will almost certainly do an ‘opoly, we plan on producing serious games as well.

We’re definitely excited about the license, and we hope you enjoy the games we produce for the license.”



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