2013 – What are you most looking forward to in gaming?

2013 – What are you most looking forward to in gaming?


A new year so I thought I’d ask my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ gaming friends what they were most looking forward to in gaming during 2013…

For me, I want to play more of the games I own more often and devote more time to my favourite genre, war gaming. Also, of course, becoming an officially published game designer with the publication of Ace of Spies and working on a couple of new games including Wrestling Dice and a game on the French Resistance during WW2.

From Twitter

– Not buying anymore games. No seriously, I can’t wait to properly play through my collection and play them in depth.

– Arrival of an exciting new game called Ace_of_Spies! (I admit I don’t game that much, but really looking forward to it.)

– Two new Feld games and hopefully a game I designed

– Ace of Spies coming out


From Facebook

The follow up to Forbidden Island and hopefully the continued growth of UK Games Expo
From Google+
– Curious to see what they have in plans for X-Wing minis, I don’t think there are a whole lot of ship designs from the original trilogy that are usable in the game. I mean, how the hell big would a star destroyer end up being?

– Honestly, for me, the same stuff as in 2012 — Saturdays around a table with my friends, and playing 2 player Fluxx with my mom.
– If Kickstarter (and its board gaming impact) will continue to grow this year… plateau…. or even drop off a bit

– Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifiacts
– Bowen Simmons’ Guns of Gettysburg
– Up Front!!!
– I made a BGG GeekList for this exact purpose: http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/151542/my-must-play-games-of-2013-geeklist

– Manhattan Project: Second Stage.

–  I’m looking forward to organizing and hosting an even bigger and better Extra Life 24 hour board game marathon weekend to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

– We hosted a weekend of board gaming out of our church fellowship hall last October where we played a total of 24 hours across three days. It was our first time and we raised a total of $2142, which was well past our goal for our first year of $1000. We learned a lot and are looking forward to making this year’s weekend even more successful. We’re hoping to get more industry support, coordinate with other podcasts and blogs, and encourage gamers from out of town to come and game with us to help sick kids and their families (we can get a great deal on rates at a hotel not far from our trip).

Our two year old daughter had a life saving cranial facial surgery at Riley Children’s Hospital when she was just over a year old. We owe a strong debt of gratitude to Riley and are looking forward to continuing our support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with more Extra Life board game charity fund raisers in the years to come.

– Star Wars X-Wing phase 3 and 4?
– Blood Bowl Team Manager expansion.

– I’m hoping to finally play Robo Rally with a group of 5+.

– PAX Prime. I really missed out last year because I had no knowledge of board games at that time. So I was really nervous to jump into anything. This year, on the other hand, I’ll be closing the place every night! Besides doing media coverage again.

– Mainly meeting more gamers. It is the year of getting more involved with the gaming community for me.

– Almost forgot – going to GenCon.

– Avoid playing any new games. Played hundreds of games once then forgotten.  Not very fulfilling. Would like to explore the nuances of the game before moving on to something else. Hard to do when everyone in the group wants a date with the “new girl”.

If I can add a second … attending Geekway to the West! Gen Con was cool. But it was more of a geek culture event of daunting size than a gaming convention. Geekway is a solid weekend of pure, unadulterated, back to back gaming.

– Gen Con – at the convention itself is certainly a large event of Geek Culture.  However there is plenty of gaming going on, you just have to know where to find it.  And we found that most of the real games running weren’t actually happening at the convention but at the hotels around it where people were staying.  The last time I went at the hotel we stayed at there were games running 24/7.  In rooms, lobbies, restaurants etc…
– I’ll be at Gen Con so look me up. Maybe we can get in a game.

– Looking forward to seeing all the Kickstarters that got funded in my hands this year. Relic Knights, Kingdom Death: Monster, Malifaux: Through the Breach RPG, and although its not a game itself, it’s gaming related: Reaper Bones Minis. And as always, Gencon. ^.^

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