Do you enjoy Murder Mystery games? Have a look at


Do you enjoy Murder Mystery games? Have a look at

I thought I’d share the following note that I received in case any of you are into Murder Mystery games…


Hello. Having come across your interest in games on this blog, we thought we would write to you about an initiative of ours in the hope that, if you like it, you might spread the word.

We have set up a website of Murder Mystery games (6-11 players), available in multiple languages. So far three games are available. They are set in the 18th Century Caribbean, the late Neolithic, and at the court of Hamlet. (The latter is studded with extensive quotations from Shakespeare).

They are not board games in the strict sense, but they are loads of fun :) NB They are played in a room with friends, not online.

If the venture arouses interest, more games will soon be added.

If the website piques your interest, we would of course be happy to offer you a free trial. (Until tomorrow the games are free anyway, thereafter the normal cost will be £10 a game).

Our games are quite heavily scripted (like a play), though open discussion rounds are included. They will appeal to those who enjoy a gripping story, a good turn of phrase, a conundrum to puzzle over, and an opportunity to bring out the actor within.

With all good wishes for a happy festive season,

(for Daggerville Games)

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