Merry Christmas 2012 – My Top 5 reasons why I love games! My 500th post on Boardgames in Blighty

Me about to enter the halls at Essen!


Merry Christmas 2012 – My top 5 reasons why I love games! My 500th post on Boardgames in Blighty

Well, here’s a milestone of sorts. My 500th post. I’ve been posting comments, news and game reviews for a while now and have enjoyed doing so. I don’t get paid, although I have been very blessed to receive review copies from a number of publishers which certainly made all this possible because I certainly don’t have the cash to buy all these games. I also get a very steady stream of views here which tells me that people find all this useful so I’m happy to carry on.

So I thought for my 500th post, I’d give you some thoughts about why in the world I LOVE playing games and I invite you to please add your thoughts too! Yeah, playing board and card games are a passion for sure. I love my Ps3 games too but given a choice, I would choose board and card games.

My good buddy Tony and I had a Play in Public game of Lord of the Rings Confrontation


1) FRIENDS! The number one reason for me is friends. I have been very blessed to make friends with a whole bunch of people , across the world. I have to shout out first and foremost to my local gaming group –

Mike, Joe, Tony, and Alan with less frequent appearances by Richard, Paco and Dale. Over a number of years, I have had the good fortune to attend Wednesday game nights and the occasional game day at Mike’s or Tony’s and its been just great. We have had many good times. Although I am mainly a war gamer and Ameritrash game guy, the other guys are very tolerant of my lack of interest in Euro-style games and avoid the heavier one’s when I attend. Thank goodness for that!

By and large, we socialize and and have a good laugh, and competitiveness is secondary to the good company.

Then, there are the friends that I have made through attending Game conventions as the UK Games Expo and Essen Spiel as well as through Twitter and Facebook. It is so fantastic to connect with gamers across the world who I can share thoughts and experiences with. I have met gamers, guys in the gaming media, game designers, game publishers and its been great fun.

Underpinning all of this friendship is a PASSION for games which is fantastic.

Forbidden Island remains one of my favourite games


2) Games are cool! Long gone are the days of Mon0poly, Twister and the Game of Life. The coolness factor of the games cannot be understated. Whether it is War Games, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, Super Heroes, Zombies…you name the genre… there are great games available today. And they are becoming more mainstream which means more people have easier access to games that they had no idea exited. I have been able to introduce non-gamers to the world of games and quite frankly, they are generally astonished at the wealth of games that are out there. As I tell people regularly, if you have almost any interest or hobby at all, there is a darn good chance that there is a game related to it in one shape or form.

The quality of War of the Ring cannot be understated


3) Game quality is amazing! The state of the art of games is quite frankly, superb! The quality of game production is excellent for the most part. Wonderful, imaginative art, excellent miniature sculpts, solid components… its all there and adds to the visual and tactile experience of playing games.

That clever Brit Tony Boydell of Surprised Stare Games demoing Paperclip Railways


4) Creativity – This hobby has exposed me to the wonderful talents that are out there, be it in game design, art, writing, broadcasting, or whatever. So many ideas, so many directions. It is inspiring to be around such people.

The Ace of Spies box proof, yay!


5) Designing games is fun! Yes indeed, my own level of creativity has been stirred and I had the honour of designing my first game, Ace of Spies, with my friend, Michael Fox. We will hopefully see the fruits of our labours within the next couple of months. I am also working on a new design, Wrestling Dice which I hope will see the light of day. And there is even another idea or 2 floating around. I don’t think I will be a prolific designer but its fun and quite good for the ol brain to get involved in the design process.

So there you go. A bit of a stream of consciousness. Please add your thoughts.

Have a great Gaming Christmas 2012. Thanks for checking in here at Boardgames in Blighty!


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