Press Release – Sprocket Games is proud to announce the launch on Kickstarter of their first game, Keep Running!

November 24th 2012 – Milton Keynes, UK: Sprocket Games is proud to announce the launch on Kickstarter of their first game, Keep Running!

Having previously worked alongside other companies on other games such as Ace of Spies and the upcoming Pocket Universe, Sprocket Games’ own Michael Fox has now decided to branch out on his own for the release of his new game, Keep Running! A quick playing extravaganza of dice rolling and card throwing mayhem, between three and eight players can test their mettle to see whether or not they’ll be the last one standing when being chased by a bear through the woods.
Game play is simple. Roll your dice to see how fast you’re traveling and choose a card from your hand, paying close attention to any modifiers. The speediest runners go first, following any instructions on their cards as the players work their way down to the slowest. Don’t feel too bad if you’re the slowest for that round though – you have all the power when it comes to breaking ties, so cut deals with your opponents to see if they’ll help you keep running! Lose all your cards and you’re out of the game; just remember, if you’re not running, you’re dinner…
Designed by Michael Fox, producer and presenter of the highly regarded boardgames podcast The Little Metal Dog Show ( ) , Keep Running is easy to pick up no matter what level of gamer you may be. Whether you’re killing time while someone else sets up your copy of Twilight Imperium or you’ve just finished an epic game of Agricola and want to cleanse your gaming palate, is the ideal filler for your gaming group. It’s also ideal for non-gamers, with easy to understand rules and speedy, take-that action.
Art is provided by Stephanie Burrows Fox, a truly talented graphic designer with a taste for the delightfully absurd, meaning that Keep Running! is truly a family affair. A pledge of only £20 will see a copy of the game arriving on your doorstep in a matter of weeks rather than the usual months associated with Kickstarter projects; production is entirely based in the United Kingdom meaning that Sprocket Games can deal with issues in days, not weeks. Higher pledge levels see backers receiving specially designed artwork and other commissioned pieces – and if you’re feeling particularly flush you could even come for a weekend of camping and gaming!
The Keep Running! Kickstarter campaign launched at 4pm GMT on November 24th, 2012 and will finish at the same time on December 24th. It’s a game with plenty of silliness, a decent amount of luck and a fair bit of decision making… oh, and one very hungry bear. Will you survive or just end up as a snack? Play Keep Running! and find out for yourself!
For more information or to organise an interview, contact Michael Fox of Sprocket Games via email, phone or Skype.
Skype: idlemichael

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