Press Release – Classic Warlord – republished by original designer/publisher Mike Hayes and with a special deal of free p&p for UK gamers!

Press release – Classic Warlord – republished by original designer/publisher Mike Hayes and with a special deal of free p&p for UK gamers!

Ultimate War Board Game “Classic Warlord”

This now legendary game was first produced in 1968. It took the gaming world by storm. It led to all night frenzied sessions at universities up and down the country. It was played in H.M.Borstal in Wellingborough. It spread to the USA and Europe.

Playing the original Warlord game for the first time, Steve Jackson of Games Workshop wrote in his admiring review ‘Three hours later I was spellbound”. Games Workshop took over the game in the early 1980’s and released it as Apocalypse (a smaller version).

When the copyright came back to Mike Hayes, he revisited the excellent feedback he had received from hundreds of fascinated Warlord/Apocalypse fans. He tested some intriguing rule-enhancements and increased the number of regions to 600. In October 2012 he re-launched the game as “Classic Warlord”.

Classic Warlord retains the original game’s unique, simple and entirely skilful method of play where the dice is staked, never thrown. It is a multi-player board game (2-7) that requires players to exercise skill, intuition, bluff, intrigue, strategic acumen and emotional intelligence. A variety of quick games can be played by using just a few of the full 8 boards.

The original red and blue box editions are now expensive collector’s items. Only 500 copies are being produced of this exceptional gold box first edition. In the long-term, ownership of Classic Warlord will be a treasured asset.

For more information see or contact Mike directly at In the run up to Christmas postage and packaging is FREE. This is a present from Santa to give family and friends the opportunity to buy a present for a board games player that he or she would really get pleasure from. A word of warning – this game is addictive and once discovered, players have fun playing it over and over again. You might have to drag them away for Christmas Dinner.

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