Review – Zombies: Run for your lives! from RightGames

Review – Zombies: Run for your lives! from RightGames

Designer – Danila Goryunov

Rightgames has provided a copy of this game

No, I’m not a huge Zombies fan I have to say. Never have been really. I tend to prefer Aliens of one kind or another as they are far more interesting to me. Having said that, the gaming world is awash with Zombie games and having been generously given a review copy by the nice folks of RightGames on my trip to Essen 2012, I thought, OK, let’s dip a toe in brains-filled waters.

Shock, horror! I hear you say. There are surely tons of games with awesome minis and huge boards and cool stuff. Why start with a simple game that isn’t very popular? Well, I though I’d start with something very light and simple and see if the I enjoyed the theme.

And Zombies: Run For Your Lives! is just that. Light and simple.

From the introduction – Boo! You and your friends are suddenly surrounded by hordes of very aggressive zombies. But do not fret, we have some good news – one of you will definitely get out alive. How can you become that lucky person? It’s very simple!


A basic card game, you get, cards…

The artwork is cartoony, which I like very much. There are cards for Zombies and cards for items to fend off the varmints. Clear illustrations, lots of bright colours. Nice sized icons. Good card quality. Yep this all works well for me.

Gameplay overview

After shuffling the deck thoroughly, each player gets 4 cards (maximum hand size). A game for 3-7 players age 10+ (you should be able to play with 8 year olds). Your goal is to place 5 different useful items in front of you on the table before your opponent places 5 different zombies on the table against you. The mechanic is Draw a card, Play a card. You can play a zombie or an item card.

Item cards are used to cancel an attacking zombie card if they have a matching icon.

A 2-player match is very straight forward. With more than 2-players the winner is the last survivor and if a player gets knocked out early, the cards in their hand and on the table in front of them are removed, But they still can draw and place a card when it comes to their turn so they can take revenge on the other players which means there is a huge “kingmaking” element. If you don’t like kingmaking, stick to the 2-player game. Since its a short light game, I don’t have a problem with this.

Do I like it?

Zombies: Run For Your Lives! is what it is. A fast-playing card game where the luck of the draw determines a lot of your chances of survival or if you become a zombie meal. I like the look of it. The theme is thin but who cares, its fun. Taking it as it is, I would recommend this as easy to teach and play, and a fun game as a light filler and good for non-gamers. Heck, I even picked up the ios version for my ipad.


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