A view into the mind of British Game Designers, the Ragnar Brothers – How they came up with the latest update to rules to Workshop of the World

Talk about dedication to refining a published game to make it more playable! I really admire the guys from Ragnar Brothers, who have applied their British creativity to an issue that has been raised about their game Workshop of the World.

I’ve received a note from Steve Kendall –

“We have now completed and reports on the trials can be found on the RB web-site. I’ve attached copies of these should they be of any interest. More importantly I’m also attaching the rules pdf file adjusted from the original In Design files to incorporate the alternative system, replacing the blind bidding system. Apart from a few tweaks to the wording of different phases of play (e.g. ‘Auction’ becomes ‘Auctions’) the entire amendment is to be found in the ‘Auctions’ section of the rules. Ultimately a very simple solution, but one that successfully delivers a game allowing more player control without complicating or lengthening playing time.

Now the really interesting bit… If you have any interest at all in the process game designers go through, have a read…

And here are the notes on the solo testing…

Workshop of the World Alternative Bidding System Solo

And on the game night testing…

Workshop of the World Alternative Bidding System Games-night 1.11.12

Here’s a last minute note  from Steve Kendall…
Hi Mark
Realised too late that the 1.11.12 doc. has some editorial ‘gaps’ that Gary had to fill in for me before positing on our web-site. Basically the things in the factory being inspected were Oven Chips – you may or may not want to enlighten the gamers of the world of this interesting / missing fact!
Steve K

And so here are the now latest rules hot off the press!

WorkshopRULES.indd 2012

I hope you found this interesting and were able to get a glimpse into the world of board game design.


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